H.P. Lovecraft on “Writers”


I wrote a quick blog post about my thoughts on this quote. In it, I look at how the reasons I love writing at night

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Stephen King on “Monsters”


I wrote a quick blog post about my thoughts on this quote. In it, I look at how the ghosts and monsters it references play a part in shaping my own as a writer.

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Book Spotlight – “Unconfined Delusions, Beyond the Threshold” by Angela L. Lindseth

31 Days Of Halloween - Unconfined Delusions - Book Spotlight

Book Blurb

Unconfined Delusions, Beyond the Threshold, contains snippets of fast-paced, twisted fiction mingled with short stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat. “Broken Heart” questions the morality of organ transplantation. “The Basement” corners you in a dank basement with the tools of torture openly displayed. “My Last Sixteen Hours” counts down the last

minutes before execution. “Seeing Things” warns of a malignant aura wrapping its inky hands around your throat. “The Clutching” will send fingernails searching for a vein.
The words slither across the page, feed on insecurities, and corrupt dreams. Savor the weird deliciousness but read with the lights on. The land of Happily Ever After doesn’t exist behind this cover. Don’t let your guard down because the next page might bite.
Angela L. Lindseth’s first collection of flash fiction, Sanity’s Threshold, Slivers of a Twisted Mind, is available on Amazon.

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From the Author

Angela L Lindseth

Angela L. Lindseth was raised on the plains of South Dakota, and though she spent most of her life away, the draw of the Black Hills brought her back. She has a marvelous sense of humor, loves to sing, and has a great fondness for good beer. When not scrapbooking or making jewelry, she works on her dystopian novel, The Contraption, and writes flash fiction, some of which make her question her sanity.

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Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Website (Angela L. Lindseth)

Short Story: “After Dark”

31 Days Of Halloween - Featured Image - ShortStory - After Dark

This story was written specifically for the “31 Days of Halloween” event.

The original idea actually came from the ending of the story, and me trying to figure out what had happened to reach that point.

I’m deliberately presenting this story in draft form, with minimal editing. I may decide to develop it further, but for now, it seems as complete as it plans to be.

“After Dark” by Timothy Bateson

It was overcast the night my friends and I walked to the cemetery on the edge of town. Everyone told me that it was going to rain tonight, but I couldn’t smell it in the wind.

I’d lived in the city for most of my youth, and knew every smell and sound that the city was capable of producing. I also knew most of the streets, but the outskirts of the city were a mystery at times. And that’s why I’d brought Jenks along, even though he really wasn’t part of my circle of friends.

Jenks had grown up on this side of town, and had talked about how special the graveyard was on Halloween night. He’d regaled us with stories of nights spent wandering between gravestones reading the inscriptions. Though I didn’t really believe him, several of my friends had, and Jenks was labeled a weirdo.

I had my reasons not to believe him but I kept them to myself. After all, Jenks was the weirdo, not me. Somehow, despite everything, I was the popular one.

I was lost in thought as we approached the cemetery, and I missed whatever they were discussing, until Rollo asked how we were going to get in.

It was after dark, and I was interested in hearing the answer myself. So I turned to Jenks and asked him what his plan was to get all of us over the wall.

“There’s a loose section that I climb over, and it should hold even Rollo’s weight.”

Yeah, there was the other reason why Jenks wasn’t part of our circle. He spent a lot of time picking on Rollo and I didn’t like it. Rollo was one of the kindest people I knew, and didn’t deserve the kind of crap that Jenks gave him for his weight problem. The kid liked to eat, sure. But then when it came to mealtimes, he usually brought something that the rest of us could share.

I had Jenks show us where to climb, and we scrambled over, one after the other. I landed on the other side of the wall last amid nervous giggling and glances back toward the street. Smiling I called everyone to order, and waited for the merriment to quiet.

This wasn’t a normal night, and the reduced level of light made everything seem eerie, especially with the low-lying fog. But I knew that there were no reasons for most of us to be nervous.

The only people here, other than us, were long dead, and I was okay about that. The dead were nothing to be afraid of, and I reminded everyone of that. As nerves seemed to settle Jenks suggested that we should head deeper into the cemetery so he could show us his favorite headstone.

I nodded, and gave him the illusion of being in charge, if even for a few minutes. There was no harm in it, especially after his dig at Rollo. In fact, if anything that cemented my resolve to let him lead us deeper, if he dared. I still had my doubts about his claims.

Five minutes later, we were standing over a grave that looked freshly dug, even though the inscription indicated that it was much older. In fact, according to the headstone this was where an eighteen year old boy had been buried over sixty years ago.

I looked around my circle of friends, and decided to end the charade, and kick off the main event of the night.

I let my incisors extend, and watched the others do the same. That’s the moment we all turned on Jenks, and I grinned.

And then I started the countdown. “Ten… Nine…” It was on seven that Jenks finally took the hint, and ran. It would be a good hunt, as long as he didn’t fall into any of our graves, or faint like last year’s prey.

If he made the wall, he was safe, and the rules said we had to offer him the chance to join us. If he refused, he’d die anyway. But after his dig at Rollo, I wasn’t going to give him the chance to be one of us. Jenks did love graves, so maybe we’d hide his remains in one when we were done feasting.

“Dinner’s on me tonight boys. And no playing with your food, you have to be back in your graves before morning.” Of course, they didn’t need the reminder – we’d played this game for six decades.

Book Spotlight – “The Greatest of Books” by Rosa Marchisella

31 Days Of Halloween - The Greatest of Books - Book Spotlight

Book Blurb

To clear his name, disgraced knight, Baxton Al’Mur is magically bound to an impossible task: Retrieve The Greatest of Books from a legendary troll or die horribly. No one has ever faced the troll and lived. Soldiers have fallen. Wizards have failed.

Death would be a blessing for Baxton, but the Curse of Life has bound his best friend’s fate to his

own. For Lenigh’s sake, Baxton must succeed. But, success has a terrible price. Wherever Baxton and the book go, so follows the unstoppable troll.

As the body count rises, Baxton has to make a terrible decision: Sacrifice hundreds of innocent people to complete his mission or betray the last person he loves to keep his world safe from the troll.

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From the Author

Rosa Machisella

Rosa Marchisella is an author of both fiction and non-fiction books (under the name Rosa Arcade). Her other written work include 4 co-authored publications, over 200 web articles, marketing and media projects, as well as promotional and educational tools. Her poetry has appeared in several anthologies and

websites and over a dozen of her scripts have been produced to date. Rosa is also the creator of the animated series, Zomb-Eh?

Where To Find Rosa Marchisella

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blog (I Am Rosa: Official Blog Site), Website (Rosa Marchisella: Official Author Site), Newsletter (Rosa Marchisella: Official Author Site)

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Book Spotlight – “Carousel of Nightmares” by Kerry E.B. Black

31 Days Of Halloween - Carousel of Nightmares - Book Spotlight

Book Blurb

In Carousel of Nightmares, author Kerry E.B. Black corralled a collection of scary short stories. She hopes you may find the beauty in the nightmarish coats, the sparkle in their malignant eyes, and the magic in the rhythm of accelerated heartbeats. May the ride they offer lead to the adventure you seek!

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From The Author

Kerry EB Black

Kerry E.B. Black resides in a swamp along a foggy river outside the city of steel and three rivers. This enthusiastic short story writer recently released (or will soon release) a YA paranormal adventure novel, Season of Secrets, through Rhetoric Askew Publishing, and a collections of her short stories will be storming the market place through Tree Shadow Press. Please follow this “Rough Writer” and one-time first reader for Postcard Poetry and Prose at any of the sites below.

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Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Website (Allusionary Assembly – The Writings of Kerry E.B. Black)

Book Spotlight – “The 13: Tales of Macabre (Book 2 in The 13 series)” by Stephanie Ayers

31 Days Of Halloween - The 13-Tales Of The Macabre - Book Spotlight

Book Blurb

Can you survive all 12?

Killer watermelons, murderous jewelry boxes, centenarian sea whisperers, creatures of myth/legend, and more…

This supernatural story collection will make you reconsider everything you thought you knew. At night you’ll hover under your covers while looking over your  shoulder in the day.

Down, down in the depths they fell; bodies in the dark of a liquid hell.

Can you survive all 12?

This is the second short story collection of 13 in The 13 Series.

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From the Author

Stephanie Ayers

A published author with a knack for twisted tales, Stephanie Ayers is a full-time world-building ninja and part time freelancer living in Ohio while crafting her own story and resists growing up at all costs. She mothers her children, loves her husband, attends church, and avoids all things housework and zombies.

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