Book Spotlight – “Tales from the White Hart” by Lyssa Medana

31 Days Of Halloween - Tales From The White Hart - Book Spotlight

Book Blurb

When Fiona Greene saved the life of an ancient elfen, Kadogan, he asked her heart’s desire. This is why, exactly 100 days later, Fiona found herself opening up ‘The White Hart’, a shop in a converted pub that sold handcrafted cards, exquisite gift wrap and a range of merchandise aimed at werewolves, vampires and the rest of the non-normal community. What could go wrong?

Lots could go wrong. They had a Tarot reader that didn’t believe in Tarot cards, a werewolf who had been thrown out of his pack as the warehouse manager and the redoubtable Mrs Tuesday coming to stay. Fiona could deal with all that, but she wasn’t happy about the attempts to pair her up with Steve Adderson, salesperson to the non-normal domains and magician.

Then the staff at the White Hart found themselves in the middle of a power struggle and suddenly her romance had to take a back seat.

A Paranormal Romance set in the beautiful and ancient city of York

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About The Author

Lyssa Medana

Lyssa Medana is a 50 year old author living in West Yorkshire, UK. Her works include The Forgotten Village, Digging up the Past, Cats in the Bible, Dinner at Dark and Tales from the White Hart.
Lyssa also regularly publishes poems and short stories on her blog, Always Another Chapter.

Lyssa is fascinated by the odd, the quirky and the unusual and enjoys dipping in to old folklore and English social history, which she shamelessly uses for her writing. Her hobbies include knitting, reading and heckling history documentaries.

Where To Find Lyssa Medana

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Blog (Always Another Chapter), Website (Always Another Chapter), Newsletter (Always Another Chapter)

Tales from the White Hart is a collection of chapters posted every week on the stand alone blog with a new chapter posted every Friday.


Book Spotlight – “Nemesis” by Elle Cross

31 Days Of Halloween - Nemesis - Book Spotlight

Book Blurb

  I have been called many names in my long life. Kali. Hel. Santa Muerta. To the Cabal, I am simply Immortelle. As the daughter of Nyx and sister to the Furies, I was used to being an ever-living weapon to the Powers That Be that run the Cabal.
As the mistress to War, Death gloried in the carnage I wrought as I danced with Mischief and Strife. Until one day, I fell in love with a mortal human who called me by other names. Lover. Partner. Wife. He gifted me with love and peace, and I thought I could be happy. And then too soon, he died. I mourned his death for one year and one day. On the next day, they came for me. Like I knew they would. War. Death. Mischief. Strife. Except they didn’t come to recruit me back. They came to tell me how my husband truly died. Now, I have taken on another name… an older name… one that I hadn’t worn in a long, long time… Nemesis. Buy Your Copy Now! E-Book At These eBook Retailers: Amazon

From the Author

Elle Cross Logo
Hi, I’m Elle Cross, and I write Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. I live in NYC with my husband and the imaginary dog that we will one day adopt. I have a massive makeup collection and I’m grateful that, as a freelance makeup artist, I can justify buying even more.
When I’m not playing with color or my imaginary friends, I can usually be found in the nearest diner or bubble tea shop trying to take the perfect picture of my drink while my husband rolls his eyes. (Yes, we’re that couple. And, no, I don’t post my food pics on my Instagram feed.)

Where To Find Elle Cross

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Website (Elle Cross – Author of Paranormal and Urban Fantasy) If you like dark and magical stories with their own brand of happily-ever-afters, then join the mailing list. You will be the first to know about new releases, free stories, special prices and promotions, and other news and giveaways – Elle is very active in her Facebook reader’s group –

Book Spotlight – “Carousel of Nightmares” by Kerry E.B. Black

31 Days Of Halloween - Carousel of Nightmares - Book Spotlight

Book Blurb

In Carousel of Nightmares, author Kerry E.B. Black corralled a collection of scary short stories. She hopes you may find the beauty in the nightmarish coats, the sparkle in their malignant eyes, and the magic in the rhythm of accelerated heartbeats. May the ride they offer lead to the adventure you seek!

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From The Author

Kerry EB Black

Kerry E.B. Black resides in a swamp along a foggy river outside the city of steel and three rivers. This enthusiastic short story writer recently released (or will soon release) a YA paranormal adventure novel, Season of Secrets, through Rhetoric Askew Publishing, and a collections of her short stories will be storming the market place through Tree Shadow Press. Please follow this “Rough Writer” and one-time first reader for Postcard Poetry and Prose at any of the sites below.

Where To Find Kerry E.B. Black

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Website (Allusionary Assembly – The Writings of Kerry E.B. Black)

Book Spotlight – “The Liminal Hymns” by Anaïs Chartschenko

31 Days Of Halloween - The Liminal Hymns - Book Spotlight

Book Blurb

The Liminal Hymns sing the story of moments between, leaving certainties to embrace doubt. Liminal spaces are explored through examinations of mythology, philosophy, and religion. With sardonic shots of whiskey and wit, this collection delves into the sensory and psychological kaleidoscope of the human condition.

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About The Author

Anais Chartschenko

Anaïs Chartschenko hails from the Canadian wilderness. She has come to enjoy such modern things as electric tea kettles. Her published works include:
Bright Needles
The Whisper Collector
The Weightless One
Perfect Break
The Liminal Hymns

Where To Find Anaïs Chartschenko

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blog (Anaïs Chartschenko), Website (Anaïs Chartschenko)

Book Spotlight – “Souls of the Dark Sea (Saga of the Outer Islands Book 2)” by A. F. Stewart

31 Days Of Halloween - Souls Of The Dark Sea - Book Spotlight

Book Blurb

From the depths, darkness is rising…

Something ancient and powerful stirs beneath the sea of the Outer Islands. A creature strong enough to challenge Captain Rafe Morrow, God of Souls, for control of the dead and the survival of the living.
Still reeling from the aftermath of his battle with the Goddess of the Moon, Rafe and the crew of the

Celestial Jewel find a mysterious shipwreck and strange tales of bones. Tasked by a new ally to find answers, Rafe stumbles on long-buried secrets shrouded in the shadows of the Nightmare Crow.
Now armies of the dead ascend from the ocean. And their master is not far behind.

Set sail on a new adventure with ghosts, gods and sea monsters!

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About The Author

AF Stewart

A steadfast and proud sci-fi and fantasy geek, A. F. Stewart was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada and still calls it home. She favours the dark and deadly when writing—her genres of choice being fantasy and horror—but she has been known to venture into the light on occasion. As an indie author she’s published novels, novellas and story collections, with a few side trips into poetry.

Where To Find A.F. Stewart

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Blog (Are you Afraid of the Dark?), Website (Welcome to Avalon), Newsletter (Are You Afraid of the Dark?)

“31 Days Of Halloween” 2018 Is Here!


It’s time for the annual “31 Days of Halloween” event to kick off, and I’m amazed, as ever, how many authors have signed up. It’s also wonderful to be introducing you to some of these writers for the first time.

Here’s a list of the posts going up over the course of the next month, with links to each. Some of the posts have yet to be completed, so I’ll update the links on this page as each is scheduled. Check back daily.

Please keep in mind, the posts will not be available until after 8am EST each day. So, if you want to be sure you don’t miss any, click that follow button in the sidebar, or sign up for email notifications.

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Skyler Andra
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Book Spotlight – “Angelborn” by JK Allen

Book Spotlight - Angelborn by JK Allen

Book Blurb

High school is all about boy meets girl, girl gets demon mark, and girl finds out she’s half-angel. At least that’s how it is for Ginny Gracehurst.

Sixteen year olds have a lot going on in their lives, and Ginny is no exception. Grades, homework, pimples, oh and now the sudden appearance of a demon mark. And discovering her father, who she thought was dead, is actually the great angel Grace. Who is very much alive.

With unforeseen powers growing, she has to figure out who she really is. While also staying out of the reach of a powerful half demon who is hell-bent on bending her to his will. The Alliance, an organization that is supposed to help people like her, is threatened by her potential gifts. They are more invested in their own hierarchy than in upholding their divine mandate. It’s up to her and a new friend, Aiden, to protect not just herself, but the ones she loves.

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From the Author

JK Allen received her BA in Creative Writing and English from Michigan State University. She wrote her first story when she first learned how to write and hasn’t looked back since. Common writing themes that can be found in her work address identity, everyday magic, and the type of strength that can be found in ordinary people. Three of her short stories and several poems are featured in anthologies, and Angelborn is her debut novel coming out September 2018. She is currently working on the trilogy as well as several shorts, while researching for a new series in the works. Her reading tastes are as varied as the genres she enjoys writing, from Jane Austen to J.K. Rowling. When she’s not writing, you can find her painting, drawing, or lost in another world between the pages of a book. Or on Facebook.

Where To Find JK Allen

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blog (hijinksblog), Website (Facebook)