Author Spotlight – Claire Plaisted

Introducing Claire Plaisted

Claire Plaisted is an Indie Author and Small Indie Publisher. Claire works each day helping Indie Authors get their work together in a professional format. She assists them to publish their books online. Claire also writes and has twenty six books published so far.

At present Claire is working on updating her books in between working with various clients writing different genres.

Claire is a positive role model and will help where she can, or direct you to those who are more experienced. You can contact Claire on the attached links.

Why don’t you begin by sharing a little about yourself.

I wasn’t an early reader. Books didn’t interest me much. I loved to climb trees and go on bike rides down the country lanes in England. I discovered books at the age of twelve and haven’t been without one since. In fact I used to go read in a tree at the back of my parents house.

Though writing isn’t a passion it is a journey of learning and I’ll admit to enjoying most of it. I suppose part of the joy is using computers which I was denied as a teenager. I had wanted to be a computer tech, though my mother reckoned it was a fad…. ooopps

I love computing. I enjoy writing, blogging and especially helping others. I blame my parents for that too – the helping I mean.

Since living in New Zealand I have changed as a person. Marriage of 25 years, four children and several cats later, my cultural understanding and heritage has changed and grown.

Meanwhile…will someone tell my muses to get their backsides back to New Zealand so I can write. Thanks

Could you tell us a bit about your latest book?

Enchantments is a Young Adult Fantasy where a seven 21yr-olds are chosen to fight the Shadow Master. This first book is introducing you to all the characters and their animal energy. In the following series of four books will follow the journey of the characters and their strengths and weaknesses.

Watch out for the purple headed guy Kendall.

Who is your intended readership?

I am a multi genre author…so my reach is for all readers or those who need to be read to. For Enchantments it is aimed at 15 upwards.

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

I fell into writing due to waiting on documentation for a family history book I was creating for a client. I opened a document and the muse took over. That particular book is yet to be published

Do you have a favorite author, or writing inspiration?

C S Lewis and the Narnia Series. I love these books, it doesn’t matter what age you are, you can read them and still learn something new. CS Lewis believed in writing a story for children of all ages. To me this means from one – one hundred.

What advice would you give beginning writers?

Write a couple of manuscripts before you think about publishing. Find a great editor, join social media, promote you and your work a few months before you publish. Make sure you have a professional format your book. Also learn a bit about marketing, the more you know the better. There are some fab Facebook Groups out there.

Do you have any amusing writing stories or anecdotes to share?

I have annoying characters who keep barging into my office and arguing over me about whose book I should be writing. It got so bad I threatened to push one (Duggan from Garrett Investigations Bureau) out of a plane without a parachute. It sure shut him up and made his girlfriend laugh.

The thought of having all my characters at a party would be hilarious, especially since I’m a multi genre author.

At present the muses are in the Northern Hemisphere enjoying the sun and ignoring me who is starting to panic here in New Zealand, wondering if I will finish two books in time for December celebrations.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing? Any hobbies?

Helping other Indie Authors – is my business though hobby wise i enjoy Family History Research which started as a Hobby business. I research and make books for gifts. It’s great fun when I get the opportunity to make one.

I also enjoy my family time. They are amazing

What’s your next project? Any upcoming book secrets you care to reveal?

Girlie and the Ninja Lady Bugs is the fourth book in Girlie Adventures. This story will cover bullying. 40% of the proceeds will be going to a charity who helps stop bullying in the UK…

I also have Ancient Relics – A Garrett Investigation Novel – book 6 due out in December.

Ghostly Writes Anthology 2017 releasing on All Hallow’s Eve – Multi Authors
Childrens Fairy Tale Anthology releasing December – Multi Authors


The Shadow Realm had found a gap in space and time, a place where they could observe the Human world before they claimed it as their own.

Farron is one of six, chosen to embark of an epic adventure against the Shadow King and his evil Realm; but how can six Humans fight against the perils of the Shadows of Death?

Because they’re not really Human…

First born sons and daughters of the Bul’ith, Farron and the others must accept the truth and the animal energies they inherit, heed the words of their trainers and defeat the Realm of the Shadow King. If they ever wish to restore their world

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Where to find Claire Plaisted:

Website (Claire Plaisted), Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Email, Blog (Claire Plaisted), Facebook

Claire Plaisted also runs several groups and a website to assist Indie Authors get their names out there.

Question of the day: What Is Bullet Journal Day?

Before I answer that question, I should answer another one:

What IS Bullet Journal?

Simply put, it’s a process for getting thoughts out of your head and onto paper through a system called rapid logging. It was developed by Ryder Carroll back in 2013, has been the subject of 900,000+ Instagram tags and 680,000+ YouTube videos, and has a following of over 92,000 on Facebook.

And if that wasn’t enough:

  • the Quick Guide for this system has been translated into 25 languages
  • There is a dedicated app to help Bullet Journal users
  • and a journal format specifically designed for this system.

Oh, and the Bullet Journal website ( just turned four years old.

Rapid logging consists of four elements

  • Topics
  • Page numbers
  • Short sentences
  • Bullets & Signifiers

Topics allow you to utilize individual pages for particular uses. In my case, that’s my:

  • yearly/monthly/weekly planners
  • my daily to-do/notes lists
  • lists of websites I need to keep handy
  • event planning
  • reading lists
  • notes on things I’ve read/watched that I need to reference from time-to-time
  • blog/website planning
  • story writing/editing/promotion plans

Page numbers are used to index all of those topics, so you can find them easily.

Short sentences make it quicker and easier to get your thoughts on paper, and prevent the entire process from becoming a chore. They’re intended to act as a quick reminder, more than a detailed description. But if you need to provide more details, just start a new page, give it a topic header, and put a reference to that page alongside the short sentence, and  your index.

Bullets encourage you to keep sentences short, since that’s exactly what bullets are intended for, and it’s pretty instinctive to use. Different bullets represent tasks, events, appointments, and notes. Add a signifier alongside that bullet and you can mark it as urgent, a deadline, something you want to investigate more later, and so on…

Bullet Journal 101

In Conclusion:

Go check out the other resources out there, but if you’re easily distracted don’t spend too long looking. There is a vast number of Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, blog entries, and more waiting for the unwary.

I’ve been using this system since January, and my personal advice, is to stick to the basics while you learn the system. Then start customizing your bullet journals to fit your needs, as you discover them. I’ve developed a customer weekly layout that tracks my work hours, my household chores, writing/editing, blogging and book promotion tasks, which I’ve included in the pictures below.

Here’s how my Bullet Journal looks:

My Materials:




Book Spotlight – “Knight After Night : Vampire Assassin League #1” by Jackie Ivie

Book Blurb


Highland Vampire Thoran MacKettryck’s lonely. Bitter. Vengeful. For centuries now, he’s taken lives for profit and drained blood for free. Just like always. But then he’s gifted what every immortal craves: his mate. He just can’t believe his eyes when he finally hunts her down.


Jolie Pritchard’s young. Studious. Driven. Studying Medieval Literature is her life and this scholarship – her dream. She’s the last thing an arrogant, gorgeous, world-class playboy should be pursuing and she knows it. If only he wasn’t the most thrilling male she’s ever imagined…


She was warned. She didn’t listen.

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From the Author

Jackie Ivie has written several winning historical romances with Kensington Publishing, added some edgy historicals with her Brocade Collection…but then she discovered paranormals.  And vampires.  Dark angels.  Time travel.   Nowadays, she can usually be found researching, writing, and dreaming about the Vampire Assassin League, a series where only the luckiest vampires find their mate; or the Chronicles of the Hunter where dark angels get another chance, or her newest, a time travel series called the Portals of Time.

Where To Find Jackie Ivie


“Under A Hunter’s Moon” Gains Another 4-Star Review

From time to time, I like to check back on the sales and reviews for the books I’ve released.

It’s always a pleasure to hear from readers that they enjoyed a story that I’ve spent time and energy working on. Many people have reached out to me through Facebook, Twitter, or email, and told me they’ve liked my work, and asked for more. So when someone takes the time to put a review up on Amazon, I’m always excited to see how they rate my work.

As a reader, I often look at book reviews before picking up books from new authors. Some of the stories I’ve read and loved have only earned 3-star ratings from other reviewers, and I don’t know if that reflects on how I rate books compared to others, or how hard earned those higher ratings are.

Either way, I’m more than grateful for any 4-star (or better) ratings… I’m posting a couple of these reviews for “Under A Hunter’s Moon” below, so you can see what people are saying:

Where’s the next book?!

By Heidi Angell on July 29, 2017

Prequels are mean! Especially when the book isn’t out yet! Timothy, I know you are releasing Evaline Transcendent right now, but can you hurry up with the first book in the Shadows over Seattle Series? Seriously, this was just… Sucked me right in and then left me with nowhere to go 😦

I enjoy the author’s twist on the old werewolf lore, creating a whole new version and calling them Lupines, to allow him to break the rules of the legends without really breaking things, if you know what I mean.

This is a great teaser to the main character, his motivations, and his drive. Jump on in and then go yell at the author to hurry up and finish the book, just like I’m doing!

Not all Monsters are Monsters.

By Kindle Customer on November 6, 2016

An amazing take on Lycans. I love the dark view taken but also the unique point of view that makes you want to care for the dark creatures.

See Why People Are Rating This Book 4-stars

Richard Parsons is a lupine, one of the many breeds of shape-shifters living in Seattle. Mortal legends of his kind call them werewolves.
When a traveling exhibition returns to Seattle, Richard takes a night time visit, with plans that go beyond seeing a particular display. However he is unprepared for the memories and emotions that come flooding back.

See why “Under A Hunter’s Moon” is earning 4-star reviews

Book Spotlight – “The Hunter : The Chronicles of the Hunter” by Jackie Ivie

Book Blurb

Kane’s one of The Hunters. Special-forces trained. Structurally balanced. Aerobically fit. Strong. Powerful. Tough. Deadly accurate. Emotionless. To an inhuman level. He’s got an assignment. Protect a young woman who is somebody’s hit.

LeeAnn is a CPA because she likes numbers. Figures never lie, but her business partner just might be. She’s got a meeting in Miami with him. She’s not thrilled to be here. She expects an explanation. A lot of sun. Sand. Heat. Maybe some hot guys to look at. She sure wasn’t expecting Kane.

Miami just got a whole lot hotter…

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From the Author

Jackie Ivie has written several winning historical romances with Kensington Publishing, added some edgy historicals with her Brocade Collection…but then she discovered paranormals.  And vampires.  Dark angels.  Time travel.   Nowadays, she can usually be found researching, writing, and dreaming about the Vampire Assassin League, a series where only the luckiest vampires find their mate; or the Chronicles of the Hunter where dark angels get another chance, or her newest, a time travel series called the Portals of Time.

Where To Find Jackie Ivie