I’m X-Ray’ing My Books – But What Does That Mean?

What is X-Ray for Kindle eBooks?

To quote Amazon:

X-Ray is a unique Kindle eBook feature that allows readers to learn more about a character, topic, event, place, or any other term, simply by pressing and holding on the word or phrase that interests them.

In short, it’s a feature that allows authors to add extra information to their work, that might not relate directly to the story, but give readers an expanded experience.

What Does This Mean For You?

When an eBook has the X-Ray feature enabled, you will see some words or terms highlighted. If you click and hold down on that word, a pop-up will appear with some extra information.

You might have already seen this happening with some books, where articles from Wikipedia pop-up. This is the X-Ray feature working to provide some additional information on the term or word in question.

So Why Am I Talking About This Now?

Well, I just discovered that the feature is available more widely than I thought. While checking my existing releases, in preparation for some possible updates (and maybe new covers), I discovered an ‘Activate X-Ray’ option and went looking for more information.

When I read the description (above), I realized there was a lot of information stored in my head that I could share with my readers.

This is Where You Come In

If you have a copy of “Under A Hunter’s Moon” you’re going to find some new information buried inside.

I’ve added:

  • character background information
  • links to some relevant Wikipedia pages
  • background information on the story’s origins and locations

If you don’t have a copy of “Under A Hunter’s Moon”, it’s not too late to grab a copy…

Not sure about grabbing a copy? Check out the preview below.

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Book Spotlight – “Ghostly Writes Anthology” by Ghostly Writers

Book Blurb

ENTER IF YOU DARE. A new Ghostly Writes Anthology for 2017, gives you sixteen authors from around the world with ghostly stories and poems for you to read. Each short story will take you to a new place, be it the future, present or past.

Plaisted Publishing House is happy to present this book to you – our readers. Please note that all stories are written in the English of the country the Author resides in.

Buy Your Copy Now! E-Book

From the Author

Ghostly Writers are a group of Indie Authors from all over the world who come together to write short stories to thrill and scare you during Halloween. Each year we put together a FREE eBook Anthology with scary tales.

This is our 2nd Anthology and our thrid book (we put together a ghostly anthology for Valentines as well.

Where To Find Ghostly Writers

Facebook, E-mail, Website, Newsletter (Indie Publishing News)

31 Days Of Halloween – Happy Halloween

It’s Halloween At Last!

And, yes, this post is going live 4 hours earlier than usual, and you’ll see why shortly…

This month has been an amazing ride, and I’ve loved being able to bring so many authors, books, and stories to you all. (Click here for a list of everything that’s happened this month).

This entire month was about celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of “Under A Hunter’s Moon” being in print. So, don’t forget to get your FREE copy of “Under A Hunter’s Moon (Shadows Over Seattle: Prequels #1)” before the end of the night.

After midnight on Halloween night, the price will go back up to it’s usual $0.99 (USD). If you’re unsure this is the story for you, there’s a preview of the story at the bottom of this post.

So 31 Days, 31 Posts? Challenge Accepted… And Defeated!

When I first challenged myself to do this event, 31 posts in 31 days looked like such a daunting challenge. And there were ups and downs along the way. I had some posts planned with authors, which for didn’t make it into the line up, for different reasons. But there was always someone willing to step up and fill the slot.

I may have had to rush to make sure some of the posts went out on the days I’d promised, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Everyone I’ve worked with has been amazing.

Here’s To All My Wonderful Contributors, And Readers

I want to put out a HUGE thank you to all the authors who took part, without whom I’d have been writing a blog post every day for an entire month… And I suspect I’d have failed miserably…

I’d also like to thank everyone who dropped in, took the time to comment on posts, share them, and click those like buttons. It means a lot to me that so many people came by and helped make this a blog event I’ll remember for a long time to come.

As a surprise to the contributing authors, I wanted to do something special, and this video is my way of showing my gratitude. I dug deep into author interviews, websites, blog posts and more to find some things about them that may people might not know…

So take a peek behind the scenes of the event, and learn a little about everyone who helped make this such a huge success.

And that’s a wrap…

But, I wouldn’t have even DARED to try something like this, if it wasn’t for you, my followers and readers. So, as a thank you, I decided to do something crazy… “Under A Hunter’s Moon” is STILL free, until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!

Grab Your Copy NOW!

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Book Spotlight – “Killers and Demons I & II” by A. F. Stewart

Book Blurb

A two book bundle of the Killers and Demons Series. Included are:

Killers and Demons

Craving a little blood or perhaps some horrific death?  Slake your gruesome thirst for vicarious thrills with five chilling stories that go inside the twisted world of serial killers and beyond to the dark, disturbing world of demons.

Killers and Demons II: They Return

Come one, come all, to a festival of murder and mayhem.

We have killers, demons, witches and more, with bloody exploits galore.

Evil is back, with a greater appetite for death.

Sample what is offered, but be careful. What you nibble on may turn out to be somebody’s fingers…

Evil is back, with a greater appetite for death.

How To Get A Copy For Free!!!

Visit The Halloween Horror Giveaway To Get Your Copy Now!

A ghoulish giveaway to celebrate the Halloween season! We have chills, thrills, scares, and monsters of all kinds!
Shiver as you read our dark delights and quake from those things that go bump in the night.

Over 30 free books and stories available from October 24th-31st

Missed the free period?

You can grab Killers & Demons here and Killers and Demons II : They Return here

From the Author

A steadfast and proud sci-fi and fantasy geek, A. F. Stewart favours the dark and deadly when writing—her genres of choice being epic or dark fantasy and horror—but she has been known to venture into the light on occasion. As an indie author she’s published novellas and story collections, with a few side trips into poetry and non-fiction.
She is fond of good books, action movies, sword collecting, geeky things, comic books, and oil painting as a hobby. She has a great interest in history and mythology, often working those themes into her books and stories.

Where To Find A. F. Stewart

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Book Spotlight – “Under A Hunter’s Moon (Shadows Over Seattle: Prequels #1)” by Timothy Bateson

Book Blurb

Richard Parsons is a lupine, one of the many breeds of shape-shifters living in Seattle. Mortal legends of his kind call them werewolves.
When a traveling exhibition returns to Seattle, Richard takes a night time visit, with plans that go beyond seeing a particular display. However he is unprepared for the memories and emotions that come flooding back.

Read a sample now!

Celebrating Three Years In Print !

“Under A Hunter’s Moon (Shadows Over Seattle: Prequels #1)”

Will be free from October 27th through October 31st 2017

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From the Author

Timothy Bateson is a writer who broke into the market in 2014, with three short stories being featured in Halloween and science-fiction anthologies. In 2016, Bateson self-published a re-release of “Under A Hunter’s Moon”, the first of a several stories set in the “Shadows Over Seattle” world, which he co-writes with his wife, Sandi.
Bateson is also a blogger who often spotlights books and fellow indie authors, alongside his other interests, such as the Brain to Books Cyber Convention events, falconry, journaling, quotes, and reading.

Where To Find Timothy Bateson

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Author Spotlight – A.L. Mabry

Introducing A.L. Mabry

A.L. Mabry is a publisher and multi-genre author. She is currently working on several projects, including a short story collection, Darker Daze: The Storms Within (dark fiction) and the first book in her Chthonian Guardian trilogy, Soul Purge (fantasy). Darker Daze is being released exclusively on Patreon while Soul Purge will be published in 2018 by OWS Ink, llc. She has a sci-fi project in the works, Vivamus (science fiction), which will be released in early 2019.

Why don’t you begin by sharing a little about yourself.

Hello, I am Amanda aka A.L. Mabry aka the Sassy Scorpio Scribe. I am I domestic abuse survivor, a special needs mom, an Air Force mom, and a wife with questionable domestic capabilities. I am also one of the owners of the OWS Ink, LLC empire with Stephanie Ayers and Heidi Angell. Stephanie and I were random partnered up in a writing group over eight years ago and we became best friend instantly. We founded OWS in 2015 and have been growing ever since. It is our goal to become a one stop hub for writers at all points of the journey while fostering a constant focus on community.

Could you tell us a bit about your latest book?

My “big debut” is coming soon. Soul Purge is the first book in my Chthonian Guardian trilogy and it has been a labor of love. I began working on this story over seven years ago and I have continued to craft and recraft as my writing skills improved. This biggest lesson I have learned from the project is the laborious process involved in creating incredibly complex characters.
I have worked hard to make these characters flowing singularly and among each other in such a way that their interactions are unexpected but naturally evolving.

Who is your intended readership?

My words are intended for anyone who seeks refuge from the real world if only briefly. A dark and snarky sense of humor is required and please, suspend your belief at the door.

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

I was about four and reading One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. Or, maybe it was Hop on Pop? All I know is I have been consuming stories since the first day I learned to sound out letters phonetically and knew I wanted to create stories of my own. I joined the Young Authors club in school and stayed with it. As an adult, I wrote lesson plans for preschoolers and made up songs and stories for my students. When I struggled with parenting, I turned to “mommy blogs” and it’s all history from there.

Do you have a favorite author, or writing inspiration?

I have several favorite authors and several inspirational people. But, one who wears both hats? That would be Neil Gaiman. I know, that is *so* pop culture of me to say. I especially love listening to him read his own work but I will jump into his worlds in any medium available. Gaiman’s work enthralls the reader in me and when I finish reading anything of his, the writer in me is ready to set this keyboard on FIRE.

What advice would you give beginning writers?

Find your tribe. Seriously. I could give you technical advice all day but writing is isolating and consuming. Find your people and make honest to goodness connections with them. They will pick you up when you fall, push you down when you’re being stupid, and cheer for you all the time.

Do you have any amusing writing stories or anecdotes to share?

This was hard. Humor is my coping mechanism of choice so there are many stories I could share. I will tell you this; as I read through my drafts I leave notes to myself. Sometimes they are funny or self deprecating. And sometimes? I forget to delete them before passing the draft off to a beta or editor.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing? Any hobbies?

I love art. I love to paint and draw and create. I don’t always end up with something beautiful, but I love the process and just disappearing into it. Much like writing…I also love traveling with my husband, exploring mountains and rivers and such.

What’s your next project? Any upcoming book secrets you care to reveal?

I am eagerly finishing up Soul Purge so I can finish up the first book in another series, Vivamus.

In a dystopian society that is masquerading as a Utopian society we will learn to question everything.

Our number 1 question is: Are we real?

Meet the replacement kids from C.I.R.F. (Child Insurance Replacement Facility) and follow along as we learn what it’s like to grow up as a back-up kid. Can we conform and become exact copies of genetic donors or will we struggle with who it is we are really meant to be?

We are vivamus, and these are our stories.


*Delight in the nectar of the gods. Feed your mind with Ambrosia*

Whispers to the gods are like honey from a poet’s lips. When several poets raise their voices together, it’s a sacred feast of memories and dreams. Poetry is divine food for the soul, full of emotional and celestial feeling. Join us in our longing, our pain and passion, heartache, logic and insanity, fear, faith, confusion, hope, unity, solitude, daily life, political strife, and more.

From the creative minds of Eric Keizer, A.L. Mabry, Sam DeLoach, Alyssa Trivett, Mello Sakia, Stacy Overby, Phillip Matthew Roberts, Veronica Falletta and Stephanie Ayers.

The Poets of this project have partnered with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and all royalties will be donated to this charity.

Buy Now: Paperback, E-Book

Author Pages:

Amazon, Smashwords

Where to find A.L. Mabry:

Website (A.L. Mabry), Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Blog (Our Write Side), Facebook

Come back tomorrow for – “Interview With A Werewolf”

A.L. Mabry and I also sat down to do an interview with one of her latest characters, Miranda Spencer – werewolf hunter. Miranda has a little secret that makes her choice of occupation an interesting one…


Storytime: “The Iconic Face” by Ed Ireland

Bridget Moore was plain. There was nothing about her looks that might be called beautiful at all. She was a wonderful person, a good mother and up until six months ago, a dutiful wife. Her husband Nathaniel succumbed to smallpox, leaving her with seven children and twenty acres of good farmland.

Most of the people in the small town of Salem were helpful, but there were the schemers as well. One in particular, Ezra Barstow, needed the twenty acres of her farm to expand his own growing plantation. Her plot would bring in another small fortune with corn to fill the bellies of the people in Boston, New York and perhaps even Philadelphia. The bothersome trifle in his plan was the fact that Bridget had no desire to sell.

The time was February, 1692. Ezra was about to get help in taking Bridget’s farm in a way he could never imagine. Not far from him, in Salem Village, four young girls were set to create a series of events that would bring Ezra his prize and shame to the new country they lived in. Three women were arrested and charged with a singular crime.


They were accused of tormenting the girls, causing them to have outbursts of demonic influence. Within one month, four more women were arrested. Well, three women and the four-year old daughter of one of the other women. Ezra could see the hysteria rising among his fellow townsfolk and a sinister plan began to form in his head. While Ezra saw hysteria, Bridget woke one night to see a bonfire off in the distance.

In the village, Ezra began telling people about a deal he struck with Nathaniel about buying his farm. Unfortunately, the poor man became ill before it went past the handshake stage. He claimed to have spoken to Mrs. Moore, but plainly the distraught widow was not yet ready for her husband’s last memory to be sold out from under her. All around him, as time passed, the hysteria grew. By the end of April, twenty-seven people stood accused of the crime.

The time was ripe for Barstow to act.

He reached out to his old friend Jonathan Corwin, one of the local magistrates. He led him into the woods that bordered his plantation and the Moore farm. There, he showed Corwin a clearing where a bonfire clearly burned. The ground was littered with articles of women’s clothing, several packets containing bits of cloth, bones and feathers and several slaughtered chickens.

“I saw it with my own eyes Jonathan,” said Ezra. “It was the widow Moore and her two eldest daughters. They were dancing naked and calling upon Satan to bring harm to me and my family. They killed the hens you see here and drew strange symbols on their bodies with the blood. Without our strong love for God, we would be dead by now.”

Three nights later, Bridget sat in the lamp glow of her bedroom. She sat the bible she was reading from down and lifted her hairbrush. Her brush lovingly caressed the length of blond hair she wore, a gift from her Swedish ancestors. She paused, looking at her face. Her cheekbones were high and her skin fair. Her eyes were clear and her teeth strong, as were her bones. The long fingers that held the brush were elegant, the nails clear and manicured. She was plain but not so much that men would not be interested in her.

She thought that perhaps she would go into town on the next day. It had been nine months since Nathaniel died. It was time to let men see her again. Behind her, a soft rapping on her front door alerted her to callers. While she wondered who could be calling at this time, the gentle sound said nothing about danger to her. It would be the last bit of gentleness in her life. On the other side of the door, twelve men stood with torches and a warrant for her arrest.

“You are under arrest Bridget Moore,” said the gruff sheriff as he grabbed her arm. “And your daughters Amanda and Sarah as well.”

When another man roughly pushed past her, the poor woman did what any other mother would do to protect her children. She broke her grip and grabbed the man, desperate to stop him. In exchange for doing her duty, she felt a heavy club strike her head. Moments later, after the black swirl of unconsciousness claimed her, her hooded and bound body was lifted into a waiting wagon. Next to her sat the crying girls, caught between worrying for their mother and their own problems now. A second wagon took the remaining children to the Barstow Plantation. As a sign of his “godliness”, Ezra offered to take them in with him in exchange for the Governor’s Council recognizing his claim to the Moore farm should Bridget be guilty of the charges.

In the town’s jail, a groggy Bridget was pushed roughly into her cell. She opened her mouth to protest but a heavy slap across the cheek stopped the sound before it began.

“Right then,” said the man who slapped her. “Where’s your mark witch?”

“What mark?” she sobbed. “I don’t know what you mean! Why are you doing this? Where are my daughters?”

The man nodded to the other two men in the cell. They smiled cruelly as they reached for her, grabbing her and roughly tearing her sleeping gown away. The more she protested and tried to cover her naked body, the rougher they handled her. Their hands left deep bruises on her arms and legs as they pulled and twisted her until the other man found what he was looking for.

There, on the inside of her left thigh, a birthmark sat. It was an innocuous, small irregularity formed by a gathering of pigment cells. To the man who saw it, it was an open volume that spoke of clandestine meetings that led to a pact with the devil. It told the sheriff and his men that Ezra Barstow was truthful in relaying what he saw. Somewhere in the jail, the screams of her daughters echoed throughout the building.

Once more, Bridget was on her feet and attacking the men, trying to find a way out to help her children. One of the men grabbed a handful of hair and yanked her back. When she fell to the ground, he still held the locks, now with bloodied pieces of scalp still attached. The other lifted her and smiled as he allowed a knotted fist to crash into her face, breaking her cheekbone and cracking her eye socket.

Two more hard punches saw several of her teeth broken or knocked out while her cut lips immediately swelled. Blood ran from her broken nose while bruises sprang to life across her face. On her head, small patches of torn skin cascaded blood down through her hair.

“Confess to your wicked deeds woman!” shouted the man.

“God will save me,” she mumbled. “You’re a pig! God will…”

“BLASPHEMY!” yelled the sheriff.

Another hard punch, this time to her midsection, closed her mouth again. She slumped to the floor while the man admonished her to confess again. When she offered no words, heavy boots slammed down on her hand breaking three of her fingers. She screamed in pain as she pulled her hand up and saw the grotesque way those fingers twisted.

The men laughed as they left her cell. They would give her time to think about her situation. When they were done, she would confess. When she did, they would bring her to the magister for her sentencing. Outside, word was spreading of her arrest as the townsfolk woke. Just as with the others, many could not believe that the soft-spoken woman was a witch.

In the jail, away from the eyes of the public, Bridget’s beatings continued. Her attackers continued beating her body now, keeping her in a state of perpetual nausea. Her ribs were broken and maybe even her spleen ruptured. More fingers were broken and her face began taking on the hues of green from her nausea tinged with deep violet bruising around her eyes and cheeks, giving her a sullen, vicious look. Her broken nose swelled making it look twice its normal size as did much of her face.

Every move brought a grimace of pain, but still Bridget held to her belief. She was no witch and certainly no agent of Satan. It was then that they brought her daughters to her. They were naked as she was, but not yet beaten.

“If you won’t confess,” said the jailer, “then one of them must be the witch. Trust me lass, we’ll find who it is and free ya from her spell.”

Her heart broke as he spoke. She knew what he was implying and she knew there was just one way to save the two girls.

“No!” she said weakly. “I’m the witch! I’ll confess it if you let them go!”

The broad smile that crossed his face told her the deal had been accepted. He had the girls placed back in their cells in case Bridget failed to follow through in her confession to the magister. He had the wagon called for and Bridget dressed in rags.

As she was led into the blinding rays of the sun and put in the wagon, she knew the ordeal would soon be done. In just three days, they turned her fair complexion into the green-hued, savage look of a madwoman. They bent and twisted her body until it was unable to stand on its own. She held on to the bars of the wagon with the gnarled, broken fingers causing her face to contort exposing the broken teeth.

Her hair was matted with blood and dangled like the roots of a tree across her face. Her stooped, grotesque look shocked the neighbors that only three mornings ago said the jailers were wrong in arresting her. Now they proudly displayed her as a “witch that now shows her true guise”. They purposely took every bump and hole on their short trip to the magister so that all would see the horror of their captured witch.

The magister read the charges and the eye witness report of Ezra. He was shown the witch mark.

“I ask you now Bridget Moore,” he said sternly, “before God, are you a witch?”

Her eyes looked to the ground as she mumbled a “yes” bringing a loud gasp from those in the room with her.

“Will you repent?” asked the magister.

She shook her head no, bringing him to accepted her confession. Despite her cooperation, her daughters were taken away and three days later, she was taken to the gallows and hung for her crime. Her land was granted to Ezra Barlow who kept her children as indentured servants.

The passing time soon brought the nefarious deeds in Salem Village and the surrounding areas to a halt. Salem saw twenty-five people dead as a result of their hysteria, with Bridget Moore being the lone “forgotten victim”.

Her children were sequestered from the events and kept from the truth so long that they too forgot what happened. Amanda and Sarah were sent away and never heard from again. Everything about Bridget Moore was lost to the winds of time.

And yet her legacy remained however.

When children asked what a witch looked like, even long after the horrors of that time passed, it was Bridget that their parents and grandparents described. Her description was passed down from generation to generation. In the 1800’s, one such description reached the ears of an enterprising young artist. He drew a caricature of Bridget for the greeting card company he worked for. Even today, when people hang Halloween decorations, the sad face of Bridget Moore is there. She has become the iconic Halloween witch, resplendent with her green skin and dark matted hair. Broken and missing teeth show between her unproportioned nose and chin. She flies across the moon with gnarled, broken hands keeping her bent, twisted body on her broom.

Now, when you see this Halloween witch, remember to remember the pain and suffering it took to change a normal woman into the iconic witch and be sure to call her by her proper name; she is Bridget Moore of Massachusetts.

From the Author

Ed Ireland is a very proud product of the streets of South Philadelphia. He draws on his memories of people, places and events from his life there as well as the rest of the world he has known.

His list of home territories includes Pennsylvania, Nevada, Texas, California, Colorado, New Jersey New York, North Carolina and currently, Florida. He has been a sometimes frequent visitor of Virginia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Arizona, and Maryland. Every one of these locations has provided him with people and places that inspire his work. Countless memories from them, some good and some bad, fuel his passion for building people, not just characters in his tales.

Confucius once said. “Wherever you go, go with all your heart”. It has become his mantra and an ideology he embraces fully. His age has not diminished his urge for wandering, although he promises his move to Miami, Fl is the last. He claims he will settle down for good in Florida. Maybe the spirit of Hemingway is calling…

Perhaps the people are drawing him. He has always been a people-person for the wealth of opportunity they provide. He says that “a good variety of people in one’s life is like a rich tapestry of inspiration to a writer. People come equipped with personalities, quirks and tales that keep writers in material for a lifetime.”

Ed was born in 1954 in Philadelphia. He is a doting father of two and is fiercely loyal to the Philadelphia Eagles, The Beatles and classic horror films. He enjoys time in the kitchen as of late, saying that cooking is fun for him now that he understands that it too, is an art. He enjoys photography, playing in Photoshop and he freely admits to his vice of being addicted to World of Warcraft. He is also a huge Walking Dead fan. His passion is animal rights and he campaigns to end the persecution of wolves. His religious and political views are private; nevertheless, they make themselves known throughout his work.

So, that is the author, for all it’s worth. He explains that his sarcasm is described as epic, but also that he is a caring and good man. He says that he’s not sure of that. He says this on the subject…
“I think a good man treats others well no matter what. I treat others as I want them to treat me, but if they don’t then I treat them as they treat me. I prefer to think of myself as a just man. Nevertheless, when we reach our end, what we think of ourselves is worthless. In the end all that matters is what our judges, whoever or whatever they may be think of us. In the meantime, I’ll live life the way I enjoy, I’ll write what I enjoy and I’ll be a smartass for as long as I like.”

Where To Find Ed Ireland

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Website