It’s Possible I’ve Gone Crazy!

It's Possible I've Gone CrazyIt’s true, there is a chance that I might have gone completely crazy!

There are a number of people who believe that this already happened, and many of them work with me in my retail job.

So, that’s actually the crux of the matter. I’m working semi-full time, and taking on a number very interesting projects.

1) Organizing the Fantasy Genre events for the Brain to Books Cyber Convention

2) A complete overhaul of my website design

3) Designing a chatbot for Messenger

4) Editing “Evaline Transcendent” based on reader feedback

5) Working on the second draft of my first full novel

6) Helping promote and test a potential social media site for authors & readers

Blog Header - Readers & Authors, Join Me At The 4th Annual Brain To Books Cyber Convention

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll already have seen my recent post about this amazing event.

In short, it’s a full weekend of online events centered around books.

The event will be coming to you from April 6th-8th, and I’m heading up the Fantasy Genre events.

There will be more information on what we have planned, as myself and the other authors get everything organized.

Blog Header - Website Overhaul

As an author, I’m not one of the most organized people at times.

I was recently going through existing my author website, and planning to update some of the pages, with the most recent information.

Unfortunately, I rapidly came to the conclusion that the site needed a complete overhaul.

  • A lot of the key information about me and my books was hard to locate
  • Some of the pages were seriously out-of-date
  • But most importantly, I really wasn’t happy with how inconsistent the page designs were.

Enter my test site, where I’m trying out some new page layout ideas, along with a cleaner look to the page design.

Enter you, my readers. I’d love to get some feedback on what you like or dislike about both sites.

So, it’s Existing Site vs Test Site – Let me know what you think

Blog Header - Designing a Chatbot for Messenger

Back in December, I wrote a blog post looking at Messenger bots, which are basically an extension of the chat service.

These bots are built to provide a combination of live chat, and “pre-recorded” information. I’m in the process of creating an introduction series that will:

  • Help potential readers learn a little more about me
  • Introduce me to bloggers who might be interested in doing/hosting guest posts
  • Allow fellow authors to learn about my blog, and the services I offer

Check out the chatbot here (Under Development)

Blog Header - Editing _Evaline Transcendent_

A few months ago, I started getting feedback from people about my science fiction short story, “Evaline Transcendent”. There were some interesting questions raised, and a few suggestions for things that could be made a little clearer.

So, with that in mind, I’ve set about going through the entire story with those notes in hand, and making a few edits.

Thankfully, there is nothing in the feedback that I’ve received that requires major changes to the story itself. But, there will be a couple of changes to how I present aspects of the story.

Primarily, I’ll be re-writing the opening of the story, to better present some of the backstory behind the Miranda Two’s mission.

Blog Header - Writing The 2nd Draft of _Of Wolves & Men_

I’ve recently finished reading through the first draft of “Of Wolves & Men (Shadows Over Seattle #1)”, my first attempt at writing a full novel. Along the way I made a lot of notes about things that needed changing, didn’t make sense, or just had to go.

So, I’m now working on the opening scenes of the book, while going through my notes and trying to plot ahead. It’s my aim to have this second draft completed before the end of the summer. Hopefully at that point, I’ll have a solid enough plot that I can go back through and work on editing.

Blog Header - Helping Promote & Test The _Author Bitz_ Social Media Site

A couple of weeks back, I posts about an author who was in the process of raising money to build a new social media site for authors and readers to connect.

So, if you find GoodReads too difficult to navigate, and find Facebook too full of spam posts and fake news, go check out my article about the site. And if it’s something you think is a great idea, consider heading over to the GoFundMe campaign and dropping a few dollars toward hosting and development costs.

Blog Header - What Does That All Mean At The Moment_

Honestly? It means that I’m going to be very busy over the coming weeks.

But there is nothing more important to me than my readers, so please drop me a line, and let me know:

  • Which of these projects are you excited about?
  • Have you checked out my chatbot? If so, what did you think?
  • Have you read “Evaline Transcendent”? Is there anything you’d want to know more about from a revised edition?
  • Are you going to attend the 4th Annual Brain to Books Cyber Convention, either as a reader, or writer?
  • How do you like the potential changes to my website design, based on comparing the old and new sites?

Where Did Eight Months Go?

I looked at the calendar this morning and realized that we’re almost at the end of the first week of September. Eight months have gone by, and we’ll soon be heading into the holiday season.

Halloween Is Almost Here…

The Alaska State Fair ended on Labor Day (Monday), and it seems like Halloween is just around the corner.

This is the time of year I always get excited because Halloween marks the anniversary of my first appearance in print. It also means that NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is about to start, and I always get a new energy for writing from taking part.

What That Means For My Writing Projects…

This year I’m hoping to finish “Of Wolves and Men”, the first full-length novel in the “Shadows Over Seattle” series. I’m about to embark on a full read-through and assessment of what I have already written so I can get my mind back on this particular project.

I’m also hoping to have completed the full re-edit of “Evaline Transcendent” in time to post the updates around Halloween, or shortly before.

So, Why Is This Halloween So Special?

Well, I’ve decided to run a huge promotion this year. “Under A Hunter’s Moon” will be three years old, and I want to do something special.

I don’t want to say too much about my plans at this point, except to say… Stay Tuned!


Do you have any special plans for Halloween? If so, drop a note in the comments below…


The Writer’s Channel Hop, Vol 2 – Hosted By Shane Wilson

Tune in for the online author event of September! Join the regular cast of writers from Joe’s Bar and the Brain to Books Cyber Convention as they discuss everything writing and everything not writing. Hosted by Shane Wilson.

Find out a little about what makes us tick, why pizza is so important to the writing process, how gnomes go from lawn ornaments to mobile art, and which of us are/aren’t wearing pants… Some or all of those might be relevant…

Mark your calendar: Saturday, September 9 at 7 PM10 PM EDT

I’m A NaNoWriMo 2016 Winner – 1 day early

nanowrimo-stats-timothy-batesonThe Story of a NaNo-Rebel

At the start of the month, I declared myself a NaNo Rebel, for a number of reasons, but I didn’t share them at the time.

Firstly… NaNoWriMo is usually for writing the first draft of a novel, from scratch. Though NaNo-Rebels will often tackle other projects.

Secondly… I wanted to pickup my existing novel project, “Of Wolves & Men: Shadows Over Seattle #1”, and actually finish it.

Now, I was already a little over half-way through writing the novel, based on the outline I’d written, so I was certain I’d finish the project with time to spare.

And I did!

Not only that, but I also managed to go back through about one-third of the book and re-write, or add a pretty sizable chunk of new material. Of course, I didn’t delete anything I’d written, just tagged it for later removal.

At the rate I was writing, I wasn’t sure if I’d catch up to where I’d started the month, so I had to retain everything I wrote to keep that word count up.

November Had Ups and Downs

Not only was I working to complete a novel, I was also working full time, helping my wife find a new job (at short notice), dealing with United States Citizenship & Immigration Services, and planning out some new writing projects.

Consequently, there were days when I failed to hit the daily word goal of 1,667 words. But on the whole, I was able to pick up the slack on other days.

The infographic above is a brief breakdown of my month… To get a more detailed breakdown, visit my NaNoWrimo profile.

National Novel Writing Month & My Posting Schedule

Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month ( Novel Writing Month is now half-way through it’s first week, and I thought I give everyone an update on some of my statistics… (Follow my NaNoWriMo journey as it happens)

Lifetime Achievement: Total NaNo Word Count: 227,623
THIS is the number I am most proud of. Since my first NaNoWriMo in 2011, I have written a more than 225,000 words. That means by the end of the event, I will have more than one quarter of a million words committed to text. And this year, I will celebrate by finishing the first draft of “Of Wolves and Men”

Average number of words per day: 1,418
This might seem a little shy of the 1,667 words per day total, but you have to remember that I’m writing until 3am i the morning, and not starting my writing day until after I’ve finished work at 11:30pm the night before. So this is definitely messing with my stats.

Target Word Count:50,000
Yep, I’m keeping to this target, since this is what everyone is aiming for. Even better still, since I was already 43,149 words into writing “Of Wolves and Men” it should put me in a very good place to have the entire novel finished, or at least close to.

Total Words Written: 7,092
Words Remaining: 42,908
So that’s my total of new words written at the end of the fourth day of writing. I’m aiming to at least write double my target word counts during my days off next week.

At This Rate You Will Finish On: December 6, 2016
Actually, this is a little skewed because of my changing timescales. BUT the deadline for completing the 50,000 word target is just before midnight on November 30th, so I WILL have to try and gain  couple of days worth of writing before the end.

So What Does All This Mean To My Blog Readers?

It means that until the end of the month, my blog will be coming second to my efforts to complete “Of Wolves and Men”. I will probably still post the occasional update, but they will be less regular than my usual two-to-three posts per week.

Confession – I’ve Not Been Writing As Much As I Should Be!

How do you come back to writing and editing novels after months of working on other things?Confession Time

I’ve Not Been Writing As Much As I Should Be!

Things have been a little quiet on the writing front lately, since I’ve been very busy with a number of side-projects. Now these projects have been a bit of a distraction from my writing, but I’m still making slow progress on the novel.

What I’ve Been Up To

A few months ago, I started reading the works of a paranormal romance writer, and happened to drop her a few notes on some things I spotted in the text. Since then, I’ve been one of her proofreaders, and have really enjoyed the experience, as well as managing to learn a few things about how I write in the process.

I’ve also been chatting with several other authors about putting together more collaborative projects. I’m honored to have asked to share my blog posts with the audience of Crimson Edge Press, as well as being invited to do further podcasts with GoIndieNow.

There will also be a number of blog tours coming up, which I hope to be part of. So keep your eyes open or more Author and Book Spotlight features.

Most Importantly Though…

I’m working to streamline the processes I use to edit my work, and get it ready to submit to the Amazon store. I’ve got two more short stories lined up for release, and hope to start work on a couple more, before the novel is finished.

I’ve also been learning a bit about how to market my work, and building relationships with other authors. When I am ready to take that big step into releasing “Of Wolves And Men”, my first novel, I’m hoping to have recommendations for a good editor, and maybe have some marketing materials in place.

So What Happens Next?

I am going to start writing myself a weekly schedule, which will include time for marketing “Under A Hunter’s Moon”, outlining and plotting the next two short stories, editing the short stories I’ve already written, and writing the first draft of “Of Wolves And Men”.


Pre-Order “Under A Hunter’s Moon (Shadows Over Seattle: Prequel 1)” Today!

“Under A Hunter’s Moon” is the first of the “Shadows Over Seattle: Prequel” series, giving readers a chance to meet the characters who will be appearing in the main series. Every story is a snapshot of an event in that character’s past, and can be read as a standalone short story, or as part of the series.
At 4,200 words in length, “Under A Hunter’s Moon” is a quick, easy, read that introduces readers to the “Shadows Over Seattle” setting.

Pre-Order Through Amazon.Com

Upcoming Events for 2016

April is fast approaching, and that means we’re almost one quarter of the way though 2016. If you’re like me, that means time has flown by, and you have no idea how we managed to get this far through the year.

The 2016 Brain to Books Cyber Convention: 8th-10th April

Goodreads Profile PictureHere in small-town Alaska, the latest snow storm has come and gone, and the last traces are melting away rapidly. That means longer days are coming, and with it the approach of the 2016 Brain to Books Cyber Convention.

I’m taking part in this event for the second year running, and expect to have a lot of fun meeting other authors, and being able to mingle (online) with readers from all over the world.

Last year’s event was a blast, even though the build-up and event itself were pretty hectic, a lot of fun was had by all. This year, the organization started even earlier, and we have a number of blog tours, author events, giveaways, and more going on.

I’ve got the pleasure of being one of the authors taking part in a Facebook takeover event, as well as hosting a stop on the Science Fiction Blog Tour. I’ll provide more information on all of this closer to the event itself.

Planned Fiction Releases: (Extending into 2017)

Under A Hunter's Moon 5in x 8in CoverOver the course of the winter, I received back the publishing rights to “Under a Hunter’s Moon”, which was my first ever short story to be published.

Now, this might not seem like a big thing, but when you consider that I had to share the royalties with 16 other writers, I didn’t make much money from the sales of the book. And that got me to thinking about indie publishing my own work.

I’ve written two other short stories, and am working on at least one novel in the same setting, I’ve decided to turn them all into a series of prequels (short stories, preceding the novels).

Each of these stories will be released as part of the “Shadows Over Seattle: Prequels” series. Each story will follow one, or more, of the characters before their appearances in the novels.

So far my plans are to release two prequel stories that I consider more than ready for people to read. “Under a Hunter’s Moon” and “The Lupine’s Call” (which has been an exclusive story for my mailing list members until now). While these are going into e-book publication, I’ll re-work story number three, “Wolves in the Desert”, and write the first draft of “Of Wolves and Men” (which will be the first novel).

Once the first draft of the novel is complete, I’ll write the first drafts of the fourth and fifth (and maybe sixth) prequel stories. Then move on to editing “Of Wolves and Men” and readying it for print and e-book release. And then it’s editing and re-writes for my wife’s contribution to the series “A Rose By Any Other Name”, which will be the second novel in the series.

Release Schedule: (Subject to Change)

“Under A Hunter’s Moon: Shadows Over Seattle – Prequels #1” – E-Book release by June 26th 2016

“The Lupine’s Call: Shadows Over Seattle – Prequels #2” – E-Book release by June 26th 2016

“Wolves in the Desert: Shadows Over Seattle – Prequels #3” – E-Book release by September 2016

“Of Wolves and Men: Shadows Over Seattle – Book #1” – E-Book & Print release in time for Christmas 2016

Learn More About My Writing

Visit my website, and learn more about the stories and books I’ve mentioned here.

Don’t forget to join my mailing list for news about events, releases, and more.

Visit my official website

A.F. Stewart of “Are You Afraid Of The Dark?” Interviews Me & Richard

Earlier this week, I sat down with A.F. Stewart of “Are You Afraid of the Dark”. With a lot of back and forth, we hashed out a couple of interviews, which I’m hoping you’ll enjoy.

Interview #1 – with author Timothy Bateson

snowflakeThis is possibly the most extensive interview I’ve ever given. I really enjoyed writing the answers to these questions, and they made me think hard about my writing, and why I enjoy doing it. I think you’ll enjoy some of the insights, and sneak peeks that I’ve slipped in there.

Click Here to read the interview – This interview went live @ 8am February 13th 2016

Interview #2 – with Richard Parsons (from the “Shadows Over Seattle” series)

Richard_01A.F. Stewart’s character Richard Dale hosts a Fireside Chat with my very own Richard Parsons.

I decided to set the interview between the events of “The Lupine’s Call” and “Of Wolves and Men”, the novel I’m currently writing. I had a lot of fun working on this interview, since it gave me a chance to not only showcase Richard’s personality, but to drop in a few hints of things to come.

Click Here to read this interview – This interview went live @ 8am February 14th 2016

About A.F. Stewart:

I’m a writer of speculative fiction (fantasy, sci-fi, horror) and an indie author of such books as Ruined City, Killers and Demons and Chronicles of the Undead.

A.F. Stewart can be Found Here:

A.F. Stewart’s Blog “Are You Afraid Of The Dark?”

“In The Spotlight” Blog

Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Find A.F. Stewart’s Work Here:

Amazon, Smashwords, Wattpad