This Exciting Urban Fantasy Short Story Re-Releases June 26th

It’s just a week to go until “Under a Hunter’s Moon” re-releases, and I thought I’d share one of the reviews I received for the first edition.UAHM - Postcard(1)And for the curious, here’s more about the story…

Under A Hunter's Moon - 1280x960And here’s how it starts…

Under A Hunter's Moon - page 1 - sneak peek

Available At:

Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks


It’s Time To Redesign…

I know that the title of this post might be a bit confusing, but those of you who’ve been over to my website recently, you might have an inkling as to it’s meaning.

Timothy Bateson - Sci-Fi & Urban Fantasy Author (1500x500 Website Banner)

This is an idea of how things used to look on my website…

It’s Time To Update My Website

I’ve come to consider certain aspects of my site to be a little to static, like the heading, buttons. But other aspects of the site were over complicated, such as some of the page designs.

Because I use Weebly to create my website there are some built-in limitations to what the designer will allow me to do without adding in HTML code blocks.

So here’s a quick look at some of the things that are changing.

New Page Layouts

I’m also updating the general design of my site, because there are a lot of very different page designs being used.

When I first started setting up the site, I wanted to keep things simple. But then I decided to add book pages, character pages, and other features. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to keep things simple, because I ended up adding way more details than were really needed.

The image to the left shows just how much information I tried to provide about the characters. There’s a brief introduction to the character, a quote from them, a description of them, some background details, and a list of friends, book appearances, and other links.

It’s just too much information…

Well, that’s all changing. The pages are going to be massively simplified where necessary, and only contain information that’s actually relevant. Instead of giving a break-down of the character’s appearance, I’ll be working on getting some better images (which might take some time).

A New, Bolder Site Header Image

This is among the biggest changes, and it helps give a feel for the overall design of the site.

Here’s the old header design, which I actually liked a lot.

And here’s a look at the new site header.SiteBanner_h500I found the basic banner image over on Deposit Photos, which is a stock image site. That gave me the black background, the red chevrons and the chrome edging.

Because I liked a lot of the elements of the old design, I kept the city skyline, and the wolf-moon logo, and superimposed them over the image I’d downloaded. A little messing around with layer transparencies, and adding text in matching colors gave me a result I’m very pleased with.

 New Style Buttons – With Roll-Over Action

I also discovered that there were buttons available that mirrored the banner design, and the came in two different (but very compatible styles). In this case, I was able to just add the text layers, and align them to the same position on the button (to maintain a consistent arrangement).



Because I had two different designs, I wanted to make them interactive, and  knew there had to be a way to swap one image for another with HTML code.

After some digging around online, I found several options and decided to animate the buttons with roll-over effect. The button without the chevrons is the button displayed on the page, until you move your mouse pointer over it. Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce that effect in a blog post, so you’ll have to check out on my site.

Bringing It All Together

Here’s a look at how everything comes together.

This is the new, simplified, book page, and I have to admit, I love how easy it is to read, compared the the previous format.

The buttons that link to each of the book retailers look amazing down there at the bottom.

As I release more stories (or appear in more anthologies), the only thing that’s going to change about these page layouts is the presence (or lack of) of a review quote, and the location (and presence) of the relevant buttons.

For example, “Evaline Transcendent” (my science fiction story) is only available at Amazon. So the buttons for the other retailers are under a “coming soon to these retailers” heading.

Moving Forward

There are still a lot of changes coming to the site, as I update all the pages, and simplify things.

Please drop in at my site and drop your thoughts into the comment box.

Cover Reveal Events & Pre-Order – “Under A Hunter’s Moon”

Under A Hunter's Moon - Cover Reveal - FacebookFacebook Cover Reveal @ 6pm EST Today

May 9th 2018 – Cover reveal event on Facebook. My Facebook followers will get to see the cover for the first time, unless they already attended the May 2nd reveal on

Here’s what you can expect to find:

  • I’ll be chatting with folks between 6pm & 8pm EST
  • There will be some games running, and I definitely encourage participation
  • You’ll also get a sneak peek at part of the story (spoiler-free)
  • Please feel free to post questions and comments

But You’re Here, And That Means Bonus Time:

Available For Pre-Order ($0.99) At:

Smashwords, Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Scribd

Come Join The Fun on Facebook 6pm EST – 8pm EST

Cover Reveal Events & Pre-Order – “Under A Hunter’s Moon”

Under A Hunter's Moon - Cover Reveal - Author BitzCover Reveal Events

  • May 2nd 2018 – Cover reveal event on AuthorBitz.ComCome join me for the first of two cover reveal events.
    • You will require a FREE membership at AuthorBitz if you want to comment on any of the posts.
    • I’ll be revealing the cover for the first time, and giving people some insights into the background for the story.
    • I’ll be chatting with folks on and off throughout the day, so please feel free to post questions and comments
    • I might even drop some photos from my research trip to Seattle.
  • May 9th 2018 – Cover reveal event on Facebook. My Facebook followers will get to see the cover for the first time, unless they already attended the May 2nd reveal.
    • I’ll be chatting with folks on and off throughout the day, so please feel free to post questions and comments

Available For Pre-Order ($0.99) At:

Here’s Where You Come In

If you have a blog, or newsletter and would like to volunteer to help with passing along the news or doing a review, I’m very interested in hearing from you.

Tweet, share, pin this post like crazy. I’m looking forward to reaching new readers, and your help would make that possible.

How To Reach Me

Drop me a line at and I’ll do whatever I can to make sure I meet any reasonable deadlines.

“Shadows Over Seattle: Prequels” Release News

256x256-Wolf-MoonThere are some very exciting things coming up between now and the end of 2018. I’m in the process of planning three releases.

Upcoming Release Schedule

  • 26th June 2018 – Re-release of “Under A Hunter’s Moon (Shadows Over Seattle: Prequels #1)”, and coincidentally my birthday.
    • This 2nd Edition release will include a new cover, which will be revealed in the coming weeks.
    • I’ve made some minor edits to fix a couple of spelling and punctuation errors, as well as updated the author bio, acknowledgements and copyright information.
  • August 2018 – Release of “The Lupine’s Call (Shadows Over Seattle: Prequels #2)”
    • I’ll provide news on the release schedule nearer the time.
    • In the meantime, anyone picking up a copy of “Under A Hunter’s Moon” will get a free preview of the first chapter.
  • October 2018 – Release of “Wolves In The Desert (Shadows Over Seattle: Prequels #3)”
    • I’m currently seeking the advice of beta readers on this story.
    • There are some aspects of this story that I want to be sure are handled correctly, and that might mean re-writes of certain portions of the story.
    • Depending on the feedback I get, I might choose to delay the release.

Extended Release Plans

Ever since I started releasing my own stories in eBook form I’ve had them exclusively available on the Amazon Kindle Direct program. That has allowed for them to be listed as available for free to Kindle Unlimited members.

However, even though I have seen sales of the stories, I’ve never seen any page reads from Kindle Unlimited (KU).

So, I’m taking a big step. In mid-June “Under A Hunter’s Moon” would be up for renewal on the KU program, and I’ve decided to not let it roll over for yet another three months.

Instead I’m going to work with a distribution service to make it available on a wider selection of eBook stores, including Kobo, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Scribd to name a few. I’m currently in the process of deciding which service to use, and making the appropriate changes to my formatting for “Under A Hunter’s Moon”, so expect news on this soon.

Here’s Where You Come In

Ahead of each story’s release, I’m going to be posting more information about what I plan to do as part of the build-up. I’ll also be putting together graphics and a full press-kit for each story.

If you have a blog, or newsletter and would like to volunteer to help with passing along the release news or doing a review, I’m very interested in hearing from you.

I’m open to doing author/character interviews, posts about the stories themselves, backgrounds on the characters, or pretty much anything that you think your readers would love to see.

How To Reach Me

Drop me a line at and I’ll do whatever I can to make sure I meet any reasonable deadlines.

Of Book Covers, Taglines and Blurbs

Of Book Covers, Taglines and BlurbsIf you talk to any author they will tell you that the creation of a book people want to read doesn’t stop after the story has been edited.

There is so much more that goes into getting the book in front of readers. Besides the actual story, there are several things a book requires:

* A book cover that draws the eye and creates curiosity

* A tagline that draws people to your book, even if they don’t see the cover

* A blurb that gives some idea about the story contained between the covers, and what the reader can expect.

Book Cover News

Cover creation is a huge step in that process, and I’ve just had my first three professionally designed covers back, and I can’t be more excited about revealing them to the world. However, there is something very important that has to happen before that.

This step has become important to me, because I am taking the huge step of backing out of the Kindle Unlimited program. I’m doing this for a couple of reasons.

  1. I’m not seeing much in terms of page reads from Kindle Unlimited, even though I’m getting book sales
  2. I’ve also made the decision to make my stories available on other platforms, such as Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, etc…

I have to have promotional materials ready, and that means creating two more very important pieces of the book puzzle. The taglines and the blurbs…

Taglines & Blurbs

These are something I’m going to be working on over the next few weeks.

I already created a new blurb for “Under A Hunter’s Moon”, which I am planning to re-release sometime in June, and here it is:

Past and present collide on Halloween

Richard Parsons is a maverick wolf-shifter who grew up among the teen gangs of Seattle. His tendency to find trouble has often attracted unwanted police attention.

When a traveling exhibition returns to the McCaw Museum Richard has a personal reason to visit after hours. His audacious plan goes awry when a particular display forces painful memories to the surface.

Can Richard face down the demons of his past before the police become aware of his presence?

Here’s Where You Come In

I’m going to be writing blurbs and taglines over the next few weeks for the first three stories.

When each is done to a point I feel able to share it, then I’m going to post it here.

I’d like your opinions on those blurbs, without having seen the covers, because I want to see if they stand up  their own right.

  • Would the blurb above make you buy “Under A Hunter’s Moon” just based on the blurb?
  • Where do you buy your books online?

Either comment below, or email me @

I want to be sure that I’m serving my readers in the best way possible, and with your help I’ll make decisions based on what you want.


An Exciting Time Is Coming

Amazing things can happen when writers and artists get together, and I’m very excited to have started discussions with a cover artist for a wide-ranging project.

I’m going to keep this post short, because there are details I don’t want to go into right now.

But I will say this. The cover artist and I have discussed plans to create covers for the entire “Shadows In Seattle” series, both novels and short stories. Right now we’re working on covers for the first three short stories:

  1. A re-release of “Under A Hunter’s Moon (Shadows Over Seattle: Prequels #1)”
  2. “The Lupine’s Call (Shadows Over Seattle: Prequels #2)”
  3. “Wolves In The Desert (Shadows Over Seattle: Prequels #3)”

I’m very excited with the work we’re doing, and can’t wait to show it off, when the time is right.