“31 Days Of Halloween” 2018 Is Here!


It’s time for the annual “31 Days of Halloween” event to kick off, and I’m amazed, as ever, how many authors have signed up. It’s also wonderful to be introducing you to some of these writers for the first time.

Here’s a list of the posts going up over the course of the next month, with links to each. Some of the posts have yet to be completed, so I’ll update the links on this page as each is scheduled. Check back daily.

Please keep in mind, the posts will not be available until after 8am EST each day. So, if you want to be sure you don’t miss any, click that follow button in the sidebar, or sign up for email notifications.

DateScheduled PostAuthor
131 Days of Halloween (This post)Timothy Bateson
2#Teaser Tuesday “Under A Hunter’s Moon”Timothy Bateson
3Book Spotlight – “The 13: Tales of the Macabre”Stephanie Ayers
4Author Spotlight – Katherine GilbertKatherine Gilbert
5Famous Witches/Warlocks Through The AgesTimothy Bateson
6Book Spotlight – “Souls of the Dark Sea”Anita Stewart
7Pumpkin Carving For All Experience LevelsTimothy Bateson
8All The Colors Of Halloween (Themed Art)Timothy Bateson
9#Teaser Tuesday “The Lupine’s Call”Timothy Bateson
10Book Spotlight – “The Liminal Hymns”Anais Chartschenko
11Of Hauntings and Hoaxes: The Historical Basis for “No Rest for the Wicked”Phoebe Darqueling
12“Wolves In The Desert” – Giveaway OpensTimothy Bateson
13Book Spotlight – “Rheia”Cassandra Page
14Storytime: “Tap Tap Tap”Lyssa Medana
15Book Spotlight – “Carousel of Nightmares”Kerry E.B. Black
16#Teaser Tuesday “Wolves In The Desert” #1Timothy Bateson
17How the real world shapes fiction and vice versaHeidi Angell
18Book Spotlight – “Instinct”Anna Hub
19Halloween Costumes (Thanks To Photo Manipulation)Timothy Bateson
20“Wolves In The Desert” – Giveaway Winners AnnouncedTimothy Bateson
21My Top-10 Halloween MoviesTimothy Bateson
22Book Spotlight – “Nemesis”Elle Cross
23#Teaser Tuesday “Wolves In The Desert” #2Timothy Bateson
24Book Spotlight – “Tales From The White Hart”Lyssa Medana
25Book Spotlight – “The Greatest Of Books”Rosa Marchisella
26Book Spotlight – “Wolves In The Desert” (Release Day)Timothy Bateson
27Short Story: “After Dark”Timothy Bateson
28Book Spotlight – “Unconfined Delusions”Angela L Lindseth
29Book Spotlight -“Battlefield Love”
Skyler Andra
30#Teaser Tuesday “Wolves In The Desert” #3Timothy Bateson
31Book Spotlight – “Clay & Blood”Rebekah Jonesy

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