AuthorBitz.Com – A Meeting Place For Readers & Authors – Why I’m Excited

AuthorBitz.Com - A Meeting Place For Readers & Authors - Why I'm Excited

I know you’ve probably been hearing a lot about Author Bitz lately, especially if you follow my Facebook or Twitter feeds. But there’s some really great reasons for all the attention I’ve been giving it.

What’s All The Fuss About?

I leave the explanation of the plans for the site it’s creator, Lucinda Moebius.

Imagine a social media site designed for authors.

It will be a foundation for authors to showcase their work.

In addition, there will be a place for readers and author supporters.

How Can You Help?

Here’s how the setup costs break down…

First year budget:

Software license $500

Network Fees: $1000

Equipment costs: $500

All donations to the GoFundMe campaign go directly into covering the costs of setting up and developing the site.

Get A Lifetime Level 3 Membership

If you donate $20 (or more), BEFORE MARCH 15th, you get:

Level 3 Membership FOR LIFE

That’s a savings of $24 a year.

Click here to donate

Here’s How The Membership Plans Break Down

There will be three kinds of membership, and each member will decide which user profile suits them best (Reader, Author, or Author Support).

Each type of membership will have three levels, ranging from free to $3.99 per month, and your membership level will determine how much access you have to certain features of the site.

AuthorBitz Membership Plans

Where Do Things Stand?

Funding Goal: $2,000 by June 1st 2018

Money Raised: $1,440 by 28 donators

Money To Go Until Fully Funded: $560

Current Site Status: In Beta Testing

Check Out The Site @

Help Reach The Goal Now!!!

Want Level 3 Membership FOR LIFE?

Donate $20 (or more), BEFORE MARCH 15th

Click here to donate

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