Seattle: Through The Eyes Of A Fantasy Writer (pt 3)

This is part four of my Seattle trip, and we’re finally getting into day two. If you missed part 1, you can find it here, and part 2 is here.

So far my wife Sandi, and I have arrived in Seattle in the early hours of the morning, caught sunrise over the city at Gasworks Park, and taken a lot of pictures. Then we headed up to the University District, before booking into our hotel, and hitting up Treehouse Point and Snoqualmie Falls. Then we made our way up onto Cougar Mountain, and back to the hotel to crash for the night. For a sneak peek of what I had planned for the three days you can click here.

Feb 14th 2017 – Fremont Troll

Waking up early seemed like it was going to be the theme for the trip, so why break the habit? Yep, we got up early again, had breakfast at the hotel, and drive west toward the northern side of Seattle, for the second time.

Our destination wasn’t so much a where, as a who… The Fremont Troll.

Having made this creature the antagonist in my latest short story, “April Fool”, (releasing soon in “Book Dreams: Volume 1” from Brain to Books), I’d have been remiss in not paying him a visit, out of respect. There are only two ways to approach the site of the troll. The first is to walk along North 36th Street, which crosses right in front of the huge stone beast, or to walk uphill on the aptly named Troll Avenue.

Honestly, I think the second route is the more interesting approach, since you are walking right under the Aurora Bridge, with the troll waiting at the top of the hill. You get a great view of him from the bottom of the hill, but until you have taken that steep climb, you can’t really appreciate just how huge the art installation is. To put it into perspective: That is a REAL VW Bug he’s crushing under his left hand.

Feb 14th 2017 – Center Of The Universe

Having sated ourselves with the photo opportunities at the Fremont Troll, we decided to investigate another of the areas landmarks, the Center of the Universe Signpost. This was one of those really crazy things that came up while I was looking at Google Maps for things to do in Seattle, and it’s a little hard to get good photographs because it is located in the middle of a fairly busy intersection.

Located only a short walk from the Fremont Troll, this is one of those sights that is as much an interesting little aside to the tour, as it is an interesting perspective on your actual location in the scale of things.

There are arms for a diverse number of places, including (but not limited to):

The Milky Way, The Louvre (in France), Rapunzel, Noogie (Top of Head), Fremont Mischief Brewery, Polaris and Taiwan.

Since we were already parked in the area, I took the opportunity to take some amazing pictures from the Fremont shoreline. Meanwhile Sandi was ordering an early lunch for us at Solsticio, (and here) a lovely little cafe/diner. This is one of those treasures of Seattle that might be overlooked, unless you knew about it, or stumbled across it by accident. In our case, it was the latter, since it was located right beside where we’d found parking for our visit to the Fremont Troll. The food was amazing, but that was nothing compared to the staff, who were a font of useful information about the area, the city, places to get great photographs, and more. This is one of those places I highly recommend anyone stopping in and visiting. There is something on the menu for almost any dietary requirements.

Feb 14th 2017 – Kerry Park

Only a short drive from Fremont, is Kerry Park, which had come to use as a recommendation from the travel site I was using to plan the trip.

While parking here is at a premium, because it’s in a residential area, it is well worth taking the time to visit if you want great photographs. Yes, we probably only spent about ten minutes here, but it was more than worth taking the time to divert off our planned route.

The park provides views of Mount Rainier, Elliott Bay, all with the city acting as a backdrop. I almost wish we’d managed to get here toward sunset, because the views were stunning, and I can only imagine what it looks like later in the day.

Tune in next week for Part 4 of this series, when we tackle to Space Needle, and the Columbia Center.


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