Seattle: Through The Eyes Of A Fantasy Writer (pt 1)

Back at the start of February, my wife and I went on an adventure to Seattle. This trip was a combination of research for my writing, an opportunity to get my feet on the ground and get a feel for the city, the honeymoon my wife and I didn’t have 12 years ago, and a chance to enjoy weather that wasn’t cold, snowy and wind-blown.

My wife, Sandi, already knew the city reasonably well, since she had lived down there for a while, but I’d never had the opportunity to leave the airport until then.

Now, three days is not a lot of time to visit a city, see the sights, and still find time to get out into the wilderness. I had HUGE plans for those three days, and based on what research I’d been able to do, we would be on a very tight schedule…

This series of posts is a run-down of our trip, and will probably go over the next few weeks. I’ll link every post together as we go through the series.

Feb 13th 2017 – The Start

We landed in Seattle at a little after 5am and took an airport bus out to the car hire center to pickup the vehicle we’d booked. Imagine my shock at finding the airport large enough to have the car hire several minutes drive from the terminal.

Let’s put that into perspective for a moment. I GREW UP IN LONDON. That means I had access to Heathrow Airport, one of the busiest and largest airports in the world, covering a little over 12 square miles an dealing with 70%-80% more traffic than Seattle.

And yet, I was still stunned by the size of the airport and surrounding support services. But once we were on the road, I found myself settling into the idea that I was actually in a real city again. Sorry Alaska, but I’ve yet to visit a REAL city, even though I’ve lived there 12 years.

Feb 13th 2017 – Gas Works Park

dscf0672We’d not slept since early morning on the 12th, so what we did next would have been considered crazy by some people. We drove north from the airport, through the city. After a few wrong turns, following the GPS program on my wife’s phone, we arrived at Gas Works Park, and it was STILL dark.

Now, for those who don’t know, Gas Works Park used to be a coal gasification plant on the north shore of Lake Union, which shut down in 1956. Since then it has been turned into a public park, with renovation and remodeling still ongoing.


The park itself is an amazing experience, but that’s nothing compared to the views over Lake Union, and being able to watch the sun come up over the Seattle skyline.

For those of you who know my writing, you’ll know that I used the Seattle skyline on the cover of my first release “Under A Hunter’s Moon”. Seeing the entire city skyline laid out ahead of me with the sun coming up behind it was stunning. And then you look a little to the right, and there’s the Space Needle rising up over the surrounding buildings.

Seeing this iconic structure from the distance just gives you an idea of how much work went into the construction, especially since it was built for the 1962 World’s Fair.

Since this was such an important feature of the “Under A Hunter’s Moon” cover, I took a lot of shots, and even managed to catch some shots through the pipework of the gasworks.

Unfortunately, I’m not as good a photographer as my wife, so I have a lot blurry pictures. Some of them are good reference photos of the city skyline, but I did get a few good images that I potentially use for future book covers.

Tune in next week for Part 2 of this series, when we visit U-District, and get out into the wild…


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