Read my interview by Ilana Maletz – “Discovering the Wolf Within”

Ilana Maletz was gracious enough to give me and my wife Sandi, well over an hour of her time the other day. We spent that time on a video call, where she took an amazing number of notes for her planned interview post about me and my writing.

What resulted from that conversation is nothing short of amazing. Even reading the draft interview it was clear that Ilana saw how much my life had been changed by my introduction and marriage to Sandi, and the move from England to Alaska. I also love the fact that she took the time to talk with both Sandi and I, even though the original plan was to do a feature piece on me, my writing and my work with the Brain to Books Cyber Conventions.

This interview really wouldn’t have been complete without Ilana’s attention to details, and the time she took to understand how big a part Sandi is in my writing and personal life. So a huge thank you to Ilana for her time, patience, and for caring enough to get even the smallest details down. I look forward to working with her again during the Cyber Convention this April.

Read more about the interviewer

Find out about Ilana’s own writing

Where to find Ilana Maletz

Blog & Author Site, Facebook


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