Book Spotlight – “Seven Lamps Were Burning” (Releasing January 10th) by Linda N Merryman


When Darkness Falls, there’s only one thing you need.

“Let there be light” he said, but light creates shadows and that is where creatures of darkness dwell.

Or do they?

Might they walk among us, using more subtle means to usurp the world and enslave the humans they despise?
Seven Lamps Were Burning brings reluctant Sasha Riversong face-to-face with the questions of morality and mortality when she learns she has been designated as the keeper of Pandora’s jar. She is tasked with bringing Hope back into a dying world, but there are those whose survival depends upon her failure.

Cloudwalkers, an ancient fallen race, are faced with a ticking clock and Sasha is also the key to stopping the countdown to their destruction. Only she can control the gateway into the realm where Hope resides. Their plan to foil her is devious ? and very attractive.

Tragedy sees our heroine flying back to the Lakota reservation where she grew up on tales of the spirit world. There, the contest between her guardian angel and his former partner becomes more than a struggle for her soul.

With the help of her otherworldly accomplices, seven Earthbound spirits bent on redemption, Sasha travels to Delphi, Greece, where she must call forth the extraordinary inside the ordinary woman and believe in the power she has to control her own destiny.

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From the Author

Linda was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She’s lived in South Carolina since 1987.

According to her mother, when Linda was five, she was found engrossed in a huge bound copy of Bullfinch’s Mythology. Fantasy as a genre became a lifelong love, both in reading and writing.

Linda lives in a small town south of Columbia, SC where her Series of books is set. She has five children, two precious grandchildren and, while she is surrounded by a menagerie, only one of them is hers. That would be her rescue kitty, Mister Ree.

Learn more about Linda and the Cloudwalker series at and


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