[Updated] Maximize Your Virtual Book Tour with this Masterclass from Heidi Angell

Class Starts On January 22nd 2017

What is a Virtual Book Tour?

This was one of the questions I’ve seen a lot online, and it’s basically an online version of the book tours that a lot of authors already do. In a traditional book tour, authors have to travel from bookstore to bookstore (or other venue), participate in events and book signings and hope they can make enough money back to cover their expenses. In a virtual book tour the traveling disappears, and instead you contact bloggers, news outlets, and other websites and have them host some content for you, related to your book.

What Will I Get Out Of The Class?

The class runs for seven days, but you can take it at your own pace. I know when I took it, I was a couple of days behind on reading the lessons at one point, because of work pressures. And this is a very important factor for a lot of people taking classes of any kind these days.

Over the seven days, Heidi will walk you through:

  • What a book tour is, why and when you should do one
  • A little Marketing 101 (yes, you really DO need to know this)
  • The various types of virtual tour (different goals will require different approaches)
  • Where you should look to host materials for the book tour
  • How to approach potential partners for the blog tour, and what kind of incentives you can offer them, or their audience (because they are helping you by giving you exposure on their platforms)
  • How to pick topics for guest posts (because it’s not all about you and the book, and people love bonus content)
  • What is a media kit, and how to build one (with some great example letters)
  • How to get reviews for your book, even before it releases to the public,
  • How to advertise and get support for the blog tour event
  • How to select stops for the virtual book tour, and how to approach them
  • Why you should track the traffic from your tour, and how to set it up

That’s a Lot of Information for a Seven Day Course!

It is a lot of information. I won’t deny it.

But, here’s the important thing to remember, Heidi has a lot of experience with running virtual book tours. This course shares not just her experience, but provides you with a LOT of tools that will be extremely helpful to setting up your own virtual book tour.

But Here’s Why You Should Take The Course!

  • Heidi has run several very successful virtual book tours
  • She tells you which tools, apps, and online services have worked for her, and why
  • You get to see the planning behind an actual book tour (which I will be participating in later this month)
    • Heidi is also sharing her lists of bloggers, podcasters, and more
    • These lists are continuously updated
    • From these lists you can select a few people to approach, and Heidi provides form letters that have worked for her
  • [Updated Information]
    • You have a lifetime membership
    • Materials are updated regularly
    • You will always have access to the most up to date materials
    • You get access to a forum of fellow-classmates, so your networking starts early

Spaces Are Limited, So Book Now!


2 thoughts on “[Updated] Maximize Your Virtual Book Tour with this Masterclass from Heidi Angell

  1. Thank you, Timothy, for this wonderful write-up! You were a fantastic student and I look forward to seeing (and participating) in your future tours! Just one other point: You have a lifetime membership which means whenever materials get updated, you will have that, and you also get added to a forum of others who have taken the class where you can brainstorm and connect with one another to help each other on your tours.


    • I’m going to update the post to include those details. Thank you, Heidi. I look forward to connecting with the other class members and continuing the learn from both you, and everyone from the class. This is a great opportunity for everyone.


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