Famous Books – Mysterious & Fictional

As a writer, and reader, I’m very much aware of how important stories are to people. They bring us together, teach us valuable lessons, and they entertain us. But when those stories are written down and assembled into books, they can reach a wider audience than they otherwise would.

There are books that become famous because of the mysteries surrounding them. Whether that mystery stems from their origins, or from the fact that no-one has been able to translate their contents, these books remain the source of speculation for years after their discovery.

And then there are those books that become part of the popular culture, and crop up in any number of places, even though they never actually existed. Quite possibly the most famous of these books is the Necronomicon from the stories of HP Lovecraft, and many other writers of his time. According to Lovecraft, the Necronomicon is a book of spells and rituals, which can drive it’s readers insane, while opening their eyes to horrific worlds and realities beyond our own.

When I’m researching ideas for stories, I sometimes come across things online that I just have to share. In this particular case, I was looking for the title of a book of magic that I only half-remembered (and still haven’t located), when I came across two videos that caught my attention.


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