Doctor Who Chat with Angela B. Chrysler


Those of you who’ve been following my blog for a while have no doubt seen me mention fellow author, Angela B. Chrysler more than a few times. This amazing woman is not just a fellow Doctor Who fan, writer and blogger, but is the driving force behind the Brain to Books author support platform, AND the yearly Brain to Books Cyber Convention.

The energy and drive Angela brings to everything is very evident in the videos that make up our Doctor Who discussion. It’s always a pleasure getting to sit down and chat with her, so when she invited me to sit down and talk about Doctor Who, I couldn’t resist.

Gaining A Fresh Perspective…

The original plan was to sit down for about half an hour, as part of her “Goodbye Doctor” series of YouTube videos. As an American coming to the show without the memories of growing up with it as part of her life, Angela wanted the perspective of a Brit who’d grown up on the show.

How To Lose A Year… The Fun Way!

Angela’d just finished watching the ENTIRE run of Doctor Who, the longest running science fiction series ever. It had taken her almost the entire year to watch every episode available, and that amounts to 53 years of television. No small undertaking. So of course, there was no way I could turn down the opportunity to talk about a show that’s been a huge part of my life. Better still, my wife was home when Angela and I sat down, so we invited her to join us.

Sandi’s been watching Doctor Who as long as I have, but is an American who grew up with the show, providing yet another perspective to the discussion. As you’ll see, the sit-down went on a little longer than planned…

So settle back and enjoy the discussion, which wanders through the entire history of Doctor Who, and sometimes diverts into other topics too.

Doctor Who – In Conclusion

  • Host: Angela B. Chrysler
  • Guests: Timothy & Sandi Bateson

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