I’m A NaNoWriMo 2016 Winner – 1 day early

nanowrimo-stats-timothy-batesonThe Story of a NaNo-Rebel

At the start of the month, I declared myself a NaNo Rebel, for a number of reasons, but I didn’t share them at the time.

Firstly… NaNoWriMo is usually for writing the first draft of a novel, from scratch. Though NaNo-Rebels will often tackle other projects.

Secondly… I wanted to pickup my existing novel project, “Of Wolves & Men: Shadows Over Seattle #1”, and actually finish it.

Now, I was already a little over half-way through writing the novel, based on the outline I’d written, so I was certain I’d finish the project with time to spare.

And I did!

Not only that, but I also managed to go back through about one-third of the book and re-write, or add a pretty sizable chunk of new material. Of course, I didn’t delete anything I’d written, just tagged it for later removal.

At the rate I was writing, I wasn’t sure if I’d catch up to where I’d started the month, so I had to retain everything I wrote to keep that word count up.

November Had Ups and Downs

Not only was I working to complete a novel, I was also working full time, helping my wife find a new job (at short notice), dealing with United States Citizenship & Immigration Services, and planning out some new writing projects.

Consequently, there were days when I failed to hit the daily word goal of 1,667 words. But on the whole, I was able to pick up the slack on other days.

The infographic above is a brief breakdown of my month… To get a more detailed breakdown, visit my NaNoWrimo profile.


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