Brain To Books – 2017 Cyber Convention & Book Expo

blog-graphic-800-x-12001April Will Be Here Sooner Than You Think!

Authors, are you looking for a way to connect with thousands of readers? Need help with marketing and promoting to your intended audience? Looking to network with other authors so you don’t feel so alone?
Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo is for you! There are tons of great events geared around genres to help you promote to readers, and a great group of authors who will guide you in how best to promote yourself at these events. The whole weekend is a blast of networking, connecting, fun and sales!

If you’re an interested author, I’d love to see you there:

Join the private Facebook group today to learn more!

Spread the word! Join the event’s Thunderclap campaign

Thunderclap is a great system for spreading the word about events. The event organizers setup a Thunderclap campaign, all the advertising, and start recruiting supporters. Each campaign requires a certain number of supporters to be successfully supported. Then, if the campaign is supported by enough people, before the deadline, Thunderclap posts the campaign’s advertising to the supporter’s social media feeds.

To learn more about how Thunderclap works, click here!


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