National Novel Writing Month & My Posting Schedule

Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month ( Novel Writing Month is now half-way through it’s first week, and I thought I give everyone an update on some of my statistics… (Follow my NaNoWriMo journey as it happens)

Lifetime Achievement: Total NaNo Word Count: 227,623
THIS is the number I am most proud of. Since my first NaNoWriMo in 2011, I have written a more than 225,000 words. That means by the end of the event, I will have more than one quarter of a million words committed to text. And this year, I will celebrate by finishing the first draft of “Of Wolves and Men”

Average number of words per day: 1,418
This might seem a little shy of the 1,667 words per day total, but you have to remember that I’m writing until 3am i the morning, and not starting my writing day until after I’ve finished work at 11:30pm the night before. So this is definitely messing with my stats.

Target Word Count:50,000
Yep, I’m keeping to this target, since this is what everyone is aiming for. Even better still, since I was already 43,149 words into writing “Of Wolves and Men” it should put me in a very good place to have the entire novel finished, or at least close to.

Total Words Written: 7,092
Words Remaining: 42,908
So that’s my total of new words written at the end of the fourth day of writing. I’m aiming to at least write double my target word counts during my days off next week.

At This Rate You Will Finish On: December 6, 2016
Actually, this is a little skewed because of my changing timescales. BUT the deadline for completing the 50,000 word target is just before midnight on November 30th, so I WILL have to try and gain  couple of days worth of writing before the end.

So What Does All This Mean To My Blog Readers?

It means that until the end of the month, my blog will be coming second to my efforts to complete “Of Wolves and Men”. I will probably still post the occasional update, but they will be less regular than my usual two-to-three posts per week.


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