Book Spotlight – “Heart of Brass” by Felicity Banks


Emmeline Muchamore is a well-bred young lady hiding explosive family secrets.She needs to marry well, and quickly, in order to keep her family respectable. But when her brass heart malfunctions, she makes a desperate choice to steal the parts she needs to repair it and survive.She is unable to explain her actions without revealing she has a steam-powered heart, so she is arrested for theft and transported to Victoria, Australia – right in the midst of the Gold Rush.Now that she’s escaped the bounds of high society, iron manacles cannot hold her for long.The only metal that really matters is gold.

Where To Buy:

Amazon, Kobo, Odyssey Books (publisher)

From the Author

Felicity Banks - Author PicI’m an Australian fantasy writer, which is why my book is set mainly in Australia. If I had a superpower (other than flying, because who wouldn’t pick flying?) I’d like the ability to pause or speed up time as required. And to never get sick. Super strength might be nice too. Did I mention flying?

Watch for the upcoming Author Spotlight on Monday August 29th, for a more in-depth interview with Felicity.

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