Watch The Trailer For Ron Howard’s ‘Mars’ | Popular Science

The People Behind “Mars”

Ron Howard has a long history of making exciting films come to life.

“Apollo 13” showed us that he was not just a director, but one with an intimate understanding of the risks an thrills of space travel, and he’s about to excite us even more. He is teaming up with National Geographic, to produce a sci-fi mini-series which blends documentary footage, and dramatized plot of missions to mars in the near future.

Why I’m Excited By This

“Apollo 13” showed that Ron Howard is very capable of taking the facts, and making them dramatic enough to hold the audiences attention. Sure he had an amazing team behind the scenes, but that doesn’t detract from the achievement.

Now he’s taking footage of interviews and discussions with some of the leading minds in mars exploration, and creating a possible future based on their speculations about where things might go in the near future.

More importantly, in my mind, is that films like this excite people about the possibilities for our future. Young people start dreaming of living on other planets, and some of them might just be the ones to get us there.

Watch The Trailer

via Watch The Trailer For Ron Howard’s ‘Mars’ | Popular Science


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