Tweet Jukebox – A New Way To Schedule Tweets

tweetjukebox3What Is Tweet Jukebox?

Simply put, it’s a system that allows you to create one, or more, groups of tweets, and schedule them to post at regular intervals. These groups are called Jukeboxes, and basically, they form a playlist of tweets that will be posted out at regular intervals.

Each Jukebox has settings that allow you to pick the start times, and interval at which tweets go out, for each day of the week. Then as each Jukebox reaches it’s scheduled posting time, a random post is selected from the list, and sent out on Twitter.

You can also schedule individual posts to go out for shorter periods of time. This is done with the “Scheduled Tweets” feature. On the free service, you can choose a start date, start time, and time interval between posts. But, only on the paid services can you pick an end date.

Scheduling Tweets The Easy Way

I started using this service, on Monday, and I have to say, it was exceptionally easy to setup, and use.

I created two jukeboxes (the site’s term for a group of tweets), one for my advertising, and one for my top-performing blog posts. Both of these jukeboxes combined give me a total of 19 tweets, at this time, but the free account allows up to 300 tweets. They also represent the maximum number of jukeboxes I can create on a free account.

I also setup a scheduled tweet, that will post at different intervals starting at a given time and date.

I’m going to give you an idea of the setup I put together on Monday, but much more is possible. The intervals my look a little odd, but a lot of people drop tweets on the hours, and at fifteen, thirty and forty-five minutes past the hour. By using a slightly different interval, it allows me to slip tweets in past those timeslots.

This setup took maybe forty-five minutes to complete.

My Current Setup (July 25th 2016)

Jukebox #1

Jukebox #2

  • Name: Blog Posts
  • Contents: 17 Tweets
    • Tweets #1-17: A selection of my top performing blog posts
      • The posts’ header
      • A link to the post
      • The posts featured image, or other suitable image
  • Schedule: Mon-Sunday, every 4 hours 18 minutes, from 12am onward

Scheduled Posts

Assessment So Far…

In a word… Amazing!

The setup is pretty flexible, allowing you to have each jukebox configured for different posting days, different start times, and different intervals. With the ability to restrict each jukebox to on certain days, and between a particular start and end time, you can really customize the tweet schedule a lot more than you might think.

With the paid subscriptions, you can do a lot more than I’ve been able to, but unless you have a very busy tweeting schedule, or tweet from multiple accounts, you probably won’t need to pay out anything.

Another feature I love is that you can tell the system not to post the same post more frequently than a particular interval. So if you have a short list, you can choose not to re-post the same tweet more than every two days, and have a sparse posting schedule… However, on a larger list, that will most likely have little effect, unless you set it too high. This is a feature you definitely need to investigate a little more, so you understand how it works.

I discovered a small downside to the free account, after trying it, and receiving error messages about my posts. After emailing the President of the Tweet Jukebox (yes, you get a direct response from the company President when requesting support, or leaving comments), I learned that the free account has a limit of five tweets per day  your posting schedule. Which is a little different from how I had read the “5 Scheduled Tweets” line in the description of the free plan. Looking at it again, it’s just the wording that confused me, because they have “Jukeboxes” and the “Scheduled Tweets” options.

Words Of Advice… From Experience

  • Check your settings, before scheduling anything.
  • Make sure you have the right time-zone picked, otherwise you might find your posts scheduled at really odd times, compared to your expectations.
  • In the individual jukebox’s options page, there is a warning about the “do not repeat a tweet for setting”:
    • “setting this value too high may stop your tweets from playing depending on your inventory and frequency of tweeting”
    • Take this warning seriously. If you have a short list of available tweets, setting this too high will lead to a very sparse tweeting schedule
  • Remember, if you remain on the free service, there is a five tweet per day limit. I’ve adjusted my settings accordingly, and now have five/six scheduled posts per day, depending on if the Scheduled Tweets tweet is due to post.
  • As part of the free service, Tweet Jukebox automatically sends out a “thank you” tweet. This can be turned off, but you might want to leave it on, since it automatically thanks up to fifty of the people who’ve interacted with your tweets during the previous week.
  • If you want to post more than five tweets a day through the service, you definitely need to upgrade. However, at this time, I cannot afford to upgrade to the Advanced service (which is $12.99 per month)

See Tweet Jukebox in Action

Checkout my Twitter Account

Check Out Tweet Jukebox For Yourself

I’ve only covered my personal experience with Tweet Jukebox. There is much more to discover.

Click Here To Find Out More


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