Why I’ve not posted much this last month

I know there are a few people who have noticed my absence from this blog over the last month, and there are several reasons for it.

A Loss in The Family

My father-in-law recently passed away, after a two-and-a-half year battle against Leukemia. While his death wasn’t unexpected, it was definitely a bigger shock that I had expected.

My wife and I flew from Alaska, to Texas and back twice in the space of three weeks. First time to see him, before it was too late to do so, and the second for the funeral.

Lots of  Plans Changed

Because my father-in-law was so ill, I had to prepare for the inevitable. This meant working as many hours, at my day job, as possible, to help cover the costs of traveling during one of the busiest period of the year, right before Independence Day.

My wife and I also had to take almost two weeks off work, and then shuffle bills to make things work out financially. I can’t thank my mother-in-law enough for making our second trip possible, because we got to spend time with the family, and meet some people I’d only heard stories about.

Between the two trips, I was also trying to get word out about the release of “Under A Hunter’s Moon”, which went on sale the weekend of my birthday. I had to cancel a lot of the events I had planned, because of the traveling and trying to keep my wife from falling apart from the emotional stress.

More Recently

I’ve also been having issues getting motivated to write, so this post is my first step in getting back in the saddle…

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to make a concerted effort to get more blog posts written, and get back into my normal routine.

To that end, I’ve approached a number of independent authors, and invited them to answer some interview questions. I’m going to introduce you all to some wonderful people and books over the next few weeks.


4 thoughts on “Why I’ve not posted much this last month

  1. So sorry for your family’s loss. There is nothing more heartbreaking than the loss of a loved one. I hope you are able to find your motivation again. Just remember, it takes time to heal. Don’t push yourself or become upset at yourself. When it’s time for the story to be written it will flow out through your fingers.

    Here’s a hug to share with your family. Nothing as important as loving. Your fans will grow and the “old” ones will always be here~

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your thoughts at this time. It hasn’t been easy, and it’ll be a slow path to getting back into the swing of things. But my wife and I have a lot of good memories of my father-in-law, to help carry us through those hard times. So many people have offered kind words, and thoughts, that I consider myself very lucky to have such good friends, many of whom I’ve never met.


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