Confession – I’ve Not Been Writing As Much As I Should Be!

How do you come back to writing and editing novels after months of working on other things?Confession Time

I’ve Not Been Writing As Much As I Should Be!

Things have been a little quiet on the writing front lately, since I’ve been very busy with a number of side-projects. Now these projects have been a bit of a distraction from my writing, but I’m still making slow progress on the novel.

What I’ve Been Up To

A few months ago, I started reading the works of a paranormal romance writer, and happened to drop her a few notes on some things I spotted in the text. Since then, I’ve been one of her proofreaders, and have really enjoyed the experience, as well as managing to learn a few things about how I write in the process.

I’ve also been chatting with several other authors about putting together more collaborative projects. I’m honored to have asked to share my blog posts with the audience of Crimson Edge Press, as well as being invited to do further podcasts with GoIndieNow.

There will also be a number of blog tours coming up, which I hope to be part of. So keep your eyes open or more Author and Book Spotlight features.

Most Importantly Though…

I’m working to streamline the processes I use to edit my work, and get it ready to submit to the Amazon store. I’ve got two more short stories lined up for release, and hope to start work on a couple more, before the novel is finished.

I’ve also been learning a bit about how to market my work, and building relationships with other authors. When I am ready to take that big step into releasing “Of Wolves And Men”, my first novel, I’m hoping to have recommendations for a good editor, and maybe have some marketing materials in place.

So What Happens Next?

I am going to start writing myself a weekly schedule, which will include time for marketing “Under A Hunter’s Moon”, outlining and plotting the next two short stories, editing the short stories I’ve already written, and writing the first draft of “Of Wolves And Men”.


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