Replay of the GoIndieNow Panel Discussion: Building An Audience/Marketing for the Masses

I know not everyone was able to make the panel discussion, because of timezone conflicts… So here’s the replay.

It was a pleasure being part of this panel, especially since we had such different backgrounds. As always, I learned a few things from the experience, not least of which is ‘never assume your tech is working now, just because it worked three minutes ago’.

You’ll notice at the start of the introductions that my sound failed, which is funny. Three minutes earlier I’d been happily chatting with everyone, and then we went live… And yes, the technical failure struck.

What I walked away with though, is worth more than any of the information I gained. I’m now going to be linked with several of these amazing authors in ways that are very exciting. Joshua Robertson has brought me on-board as part of his Crimson Edge Press blog group, and the extra exposure that my posts will receive as a result is staggering.

I also opened up several Book and Author Spotlights to the panel members, so I’m going to start rolling those out shortly, too.

I’m sure some other exciting things will be coming up to, so keep your eyes peeled… And feel free to check out Crimson Edge Press.



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