Upcoming Podcast Appearance : Building An Audience/Marketing for the Masses.

I just received confirmation of a very exciting event, that I’d love you all to come and be a part of. The really nice thing about being part of this event is that I already know a lot of the panel members. Some I’ve worked with through my Book and Author Spotlights, others I’ve talked to live during the recent Brain to Books Cyber Convention.

I’ll be going live as a podcast guest

On Saturday May 14th, at 10pm EST, I’m going to be taking part in a love podcast event. I’ll be joining Joe Compton, on his GoIndieLive podcast, alongside some other amazing authors.

Bookmark the event links (below), so you don’t miss the live event, or playback.

What will we be discussing?

I’m excited to be joining the panel of writers as we discuss “Building an Audience, and Marketing for the Masses”. I’ve been asked to join the panel, since I use my blog as a tool to help market other authors and myself. We’ll see just how much I know about the subject once the panel kicks off.

Who will be on the panel?

  • Joe Compton
    • The podcast host, who spent VAST amounts of time online and covering the Brain to Books Cyber Convention, LIVE.
  • Jin Okubo
    • One of the few male authors writing romance novels. I had the pleasure of meeting Jin during the recent Brain to Books Cyber Convention live video hangouts.
  • Ani Manjikian
    • Is an author I’ve previously featured in my Book Spotlights, and another of our Brain to Books Cyber Convention attendees.
  • Joshua Robertson
    • Is a fellow Alaskan author I’ve featured in a past Book Spotlight, and yet another of the Brain to Books Cyber Convention authors.
  • Christie Stratos
  • Emma Woods – Is due to release the second book in “The Beastly Series” Young Adult dystopian collection.
  • Heidi Angell – Is the creator of “The Clear Angel Chronicles” psychic thrillers, and the urban fantasy series “The Hunters”
  • And obviously, myself.

Where to join us

If you want to join us on Google+, go here: http://plus.google.com/events/ct9scmlj07o3p78u1pi1e735tkk

If you want to watch live on YouTube, go here: https://www.youtube.com/c/JoeCompton73/live

 Or catch the replay here:

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