Learning All The Time – Cover Design


I’m the first person to admit that I have a propensity for trying to do everything myself. This can sometimes be a good thing.

However, I have recently been given a wake up call about one thing that I consider very important in a book….

The cover design has to be good!

I read a few tutorials about how covers could be put together for almost no cost to the author. But, I skipped some very important facts in the process…

  • The cover has to be good enough to sell the book
  • The components used for the cover have to be consistent
  • Copy-cut-paste is NOT your friend…
  • Sometimes your best idea is NOT a good one…

So… What promoted these realizations?

I submitted the above cover to covercritics.com, and they were kind enough to take a peek at my draft cover. Almost everyone who comments on the submitted designs is a designer themselves, and they receive no compensation for their reviews.

I have to be completely honest, this was one of the reasons I submitted a draft version, because if the concept was flawed, or cliched then I wasn’t going to invest the time to polish it further.

Read what they had to say!

I’m going back to the drawing board to sketch out some new cover concepts, or try to find funds to pay a real designer.

While I do that, feel free to offer your own thoughts in my comments, below.


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