Dilemma – Where Do You Send Someone Who Wants To Buy More Copies Of Your Book?

courtesy of http://ramblingsofafrustratedcrimewriter.blogspot.com

Yesterday one of my regular customers, at my retail job, asked where they could obtain additional copies of one of the anthologies I’d featured in.

At first I was thrilled that someone thought enough of my work to consider buying additional copies. Then I had that moment of doubt as I wondered if it was my story they were buying the books for.

And Then Came The Horrifying Thoughts…

And the train of thoughts went something like this…

  • I’ve just set up an Amazon store on my website
  • I really should send them there, so I can get the royalties from the sale, and my affiliate share too…
  • Last time I was at my local bookstore for a signing event, they had several copies of that book…
  • But…
  • That was almost a year ago…
  • But…
  • I do prefer to support my local businesses, even if that means I lose the affiliate bonus…
  • And… If the customer wants a hard copy, which is what they implied, then they can bring it to me for personalized signing…

Question… What Would You Do?

Drop me a line @ timothy.bateson.author@gmail.com, or comment below

How To Resolve The Dilemma…

So, began a couple of seconds of frantic thinking, before I came up with a solution…

  • I gave the customer a copy of my business card, and advised them that I had a preference for them buying the book through the local bookstore.
  • I also them that I’d personalize it if they brought me the books with a copy of the sales receipt as proof of purchase.
  • And then I advised them of the online store option, in case they wanted to ship them to someone as a gift, or purchase the e-book versions.

So… What Would You Have Done?

I’m always interested in hearing what my readers would have done differently… Drop me  note in the comments, or by email … timothy.bateson.author@gmail.com

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