Brain To Books 2016 Cyber Convention : Round-Up #2

2016So, last post I wrote about the Brain to Books Cyber Convention, and how much fun I had taking part.

There was so much going on that  spent a lot of my weekend skipping around between events, discussions and live video chats. I spent a chunk of time over on Google Hangouts, or Blab with other authors, as they were able to drop in.

You Can Re-Watch Some Of The Footage Here:

Joe Compton’s YouTube Channel (GoIndieNow)

Aurelia Casey’s YouTube Channel


Some Wind-Down Posts

Just as I’m doing this short series of posts about the event itself, and the wind-down, other attendees have been doing the same.

Joe Compton’s ‘Fuzzy Notions of an Insomniac’

Angela B. Chrysler’s ‘The Day After’

And In Case You Missed It:

Here was my booth at the event: Timothy Bateson Sci-fi & Urban Fantasy Author

Stop in at the other booths to discover some absolutely amazing authors, some of who were giving away free books, running contests and giving away information about their work. Who knows, some of them may still have their freebies posted and active.


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