Brain To Books 2016 Cyber Convention : Round-Up #1

2016The Brain to Books Cyber Convention was a complete blast. For those of you who missed the event itself, I will be putting together a list of links over on my blog, with some of the event highlights (in my opinion).

The People You Meet Make or Break An Event

I met some absolutely amazing readers and writers over the three days, and loved getting to chat with people like Angela B Chrysler, Joe Compton, Aurelia Casey, Jin Okubo, Kori D Miller, and so many more.

I can’t thank these folks enough for being willing to encourage me to get “on air” with them, and for being so welcoming to a camera-shy person like me. More than that though, these folks took the time to not only meet and greet everyone, but they shared so much of themselves, their work, and tips for marketing and publishing.

So What’s Next?

Over the next few days, I’ll be decompressing from the event, and getting my experiences down in blog post format. Please feel free to check in with me, but be aware it might take a little while for me to respond, while I recover from over-excitement.


Oh, and the Goodreads booths are still open, for anyone who wants to drop in and see some of the discussions, and information that authors dropped there.


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