Blog Tour: Claire and Kate Everward (Updated Post)

Claire and Kate Everward have just released their first joint venture. Claire is the writer, and Kate is the publisher behind “The First”, a realistic fantasy suspense novel.

I had the pleasure of being able to discuss the project with the two of them, and Claire wanted to introduce you all to the setting:

The City of Rome

Ah, Rome! Rome is only one of the locations in my story, there are others, in Italy and in the United States. But Rome is special. There’s a reason I use it in my story, it is like no other city in the world. It has a life of its own, so yes, it does deserve the standing of a character, doesn’t it?

For me, Rome has an ambience of mystery, of ancient secrets. It’s past is so rich, so endlessly diverse. When you walk down the streets, tiny streets with old stones at your feet, streets so small a car can barely go through, beautiful architecture standing proud on both sides, you’re treading in the footsteps of so many who are long gone. And if you walk these same paths in the twilight of a warm day, walk in silence, listen to life around you, you can just imagine the ghosts of times past walking alongside you.  They must have so much they want to say, of past and present. Who knows what secrets the city is hiding?

And Rome is a center, a focal point, if you wish. At any moment of time people are there from all over this world of ours. As residents, as workers, as tourists. The whole world is in this ancient city we cannot help be attracted to. And from it you can get to so many other wonders. Like Pompei, with its hushed remainder of a tragic past, or Amalfi, the peaceful beauty.

Rome calls to us all, if we’ve been there we want to return, if we haven’t, we feel we must visit it at least once in our life time. It seemed right to me that it would have a role in my story, this place where a secret can so easily be kept.

Find out more about “The First”…

Buy “The First” on Amazon

About Author & Sister

When A. Claire Everward said all she wants to do was write, her sister Kate Anne decided she would use her ten-year PR and marketing experience to start a publishing company that would support it as a business.

That’s how Author & Sister was born. Now both sisters are finally doing what they were meant to do, and they are doing it as a family.

Author & Sister is not only a newly born publishing house. It is also the sisters’ story. On its website, every reader, every supporter, and every dreaming writer will be able to read about them on the Author & Sister blog. They will be able to follow what it’s taking to make the sisters’ dream come true, their breakthroughs and setbacks, the good and bad moments, the ideas and whatever interesting stories come up on the way.

The sisters expect Author & Sister to grow and one day help other authors, who like them are looking for a way to achieve their dream.


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