Brain To Books Cyber Convention Character Tournament – Round Two!

Brain to Books(1)

The Brain To Books Cyber Convention Character Tournament Has Entered Round Two!

Having taken down Fury, Richard is now up against the reigning champion, Ian Troy. 14 other heroes and villains from across the convention are about to enter the arena, so let’s catch up, before the fighting re-starts…

About Richard Parsons


Role: Protagonist

Character’s Breed: Shapeshifter (Lupine Breed, human-to-wolf only)

Character’s Role: Paranormal investigator

Character’s Physical & Psychological Description:

Richard is 5 foot, 10 inches in height with a wiry build. His dark blonde, shoulder-length hair frames his hazel eyes in waves. Richard was abandoned by his father, when he discovered Richard was a shapeshifter. His mother died saving Richard’s life when he was only twelve. He grew up as a member street gangs, hiding his abilities out of fear of rejection by the few who accepted him. His only adult influence was the pack alpha of Seattle. Like his mother, Richard took to drinking to hide from his problems, and it brought him to the attention of the kind of people who watch the supernatural community. Now he’s reluctantly working for those same people.

Character’s Tagline:

“The ability to see the world with the eyes of the wolf is not a curse. The curse is in not using that gift wisely.”


16 Heroes and Villains will enter the arena

Only 8 will gain enough votes to continue into the Quarter Finals!

The voting for Round Two ends at 2:59am EST on April 9th

Cast Your Votes Now!



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