Brain To Books Cyber Convention Character Tournament – Round Two (Update #2)!

Brain to Books(1)

A Handful Of Votes Can Determine The Victor – VOTE NOW!

Ian Troy (“Crown of Stones” by C.L. Scheinder) – Reigning Tournament Champion

  • Role: Protagonist
  • Character Breed: Shinree (Magic user)
  • Character’s Role: Ex-soldier turned bounty hunter
  • Character’s tagline: “I’m not a hero. I never was.”

Richard Parsons (“Shadows Over Seattle” by Timothy Bateson) – Newcomer

  • Role: Protagonist
  • Character’s Breed: Shapeshifter (Lupine Breed, human-to-wolf only)
  • Character’s Role: Paranormal investigator
  • Character’s Tagline: “The ability to see the world with the eyes of the wolf is not a curse. The curse is in not using that gift wisely.”

Who Will Walk Out Victorious?

Only your votes can decide the victor…

16 Heroes and Villains will enter the arena

Only 8 will gain enough votes to continue into the Quarter Finals!

The voting for Round Two ends at 2:59am EST on April 9th

Cast Your Votes Now!



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