Book Spotlight – “Blue Ruin” by Sophia Madison


A hunter and the hunted, Maura Leroux is one of the last of her kind with a dark past that has haunted her. With black magical beings having been hunted for centuries, she’s come to learn a thing or two about survival. But Adrian Wilhelm, a notorious Vampire, threatens to destroy Maura’s newfound life as a detective in the magical world of Mystics. Adrian intends to use Maura as a means of resurrecting the fallen world of black magical beings, Abysm. Maura has made it her mission to stop Adrian while covering her tracks from those that have been seeking her out for centuries.

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From the Author

Sophia Madison is a young writer of dark fantasy novels. By night, she gallivants in the realm of witches and wizards, vampires and angels, sirens and goddesses. By day, she is a pediatric registered nurse, who sings songs about unicorns and rainbows while showering little kids in lollipops and stickers.

Although having written for more than half of her life, with more than a dozen completed novels collecting dust in a locked drawer, The Phoenix Series: Blue Ruin, is her first published work. It began as an idea — of a girl who was alone with the world against her. Two years, relentless editing, lots of crying, and lots of moments of defeat and uncertainty later, Blue Ruin has been thrown into the world of published works.


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One thought on “Book Spotlight – “Blue Ruin” by Sophia Madison

  1. Amazing! This blog looks just like my old one!
    It’s on a totally different subject but it has pretty
    mmuch the same layout and design. Wonderful choice of colors!


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