2016 Brain To Books Cyber Convention – Where To Find Me

Facebook B2B Cy-Con (1)

Alright, it’s rapidly approaching the time of the big event of the season. The 2016 Brain To Books Cyber Convention is this happening this coming weekend, starting on the Friday 8th April, and going through until Sunday 10th April. There are a huge number of events taking place, and I’ll be participating in a number of them.

To find your way around the event, CC.Rogers has put together two amazing word maps.

My Booth On Goodreads

Every great convention has booths where the writers are able to meet with their readers. This year, I’m going to be hosting one over on Goodreads, where I’ll be posting quite a lot of information for people to learn more about my work.

Facebook Author Takeover Events

I’m also taking part in a couple of Facebook events, where authors will be live, and taking time to meet the readers, host giveaways, competitions, and get to know people.

I can be found here:

The Blog Tours

The links below are to the starting points of each Blog Tour I’m participating in:

Science Fiction Blog Tour (April 10th)

Book Spotlight Tour.. Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy (All Weekend)

There are a few other things going on, which I’m still setting up… So please check back here before the weekend.

Heroes & Villains Tournament

Richard Parsons, from my “Shadows Over Seattle” stories is appearing in a Heroes & Villains Tournament.

Please feel free to pass word around about this tournament, because each round is going to be decided by reader votes. There are some great writers in this collection, and some fascinating characters. Every round will be run to the following schedule.

Voting opens at midnight on Friday morning April 8th. Below are all the voting time frames for each round:
  • 1st Round: Voting starts Midnight PST Friday April 8th; Voting ends at Noon PST Friday April 8th
  • 2nd round: Voting starts at 1PM PST Friday April 8th; Voting ends at 11:59PM PST Friday April 8th
  • Quarterfinal Round: Voting starts at 1AM PST Saturday April 9th; Voting ends at 5PM PST Saturday April 9th
  • Semi-Final Round: Voting starts at Midnight Sunday April 10th; Voting ends at 11AM PST
  • Finals: Voting starts at Noon Sunday April 10th; Winner declared at 5:01PM PST

In the first round, Richard Parsons is faced off against Fury, from “The Hunters” by Heidi Angell.


So… Here’s my challenge… Come out to the event and hang with some great authors.


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