Upcoming Events for 2016

April is fast approaching, and that means we’re almost one quarter of the way though 2016. If you’re like me, that means time has flown by, and you have no idea how we managed to get this far through the year.

The 2016 Brain to Books Cyber Convention: 8th-10th April

Goodreads Profile PictureHere in small-town Alaska, the latest snow storm has come and gone, and the last traces are melting away rapidly. That means longer days are coming, and with it the approach of the 2016 Brain to Books Cyber Convention.

I’m taking part in this event for the second year running, and expect to have a lot of fun meeting other authors, and being able to mingle (online) with readers from all over the world.

Last year’s event was a blast, even though the build-up and event itself were pretty hectic, a lot of fun was had by all. This year, the organization started even earlier, and we have a number of blog tours, author events, giveaways, and more going on.

I’ve got the pleasure of being one of the authors taking part in a Facebook takeover event, as well as hosting a stop on the Science Fiction Blog Tour. I’ll provide more information on all of this closer to the event itself.

Planned Fiction Releases: (Extending into 2017)

Under A Hunter's Moon 5in x 8in CoverOver the course of the winter, I received back the publishing rights to “Under a Hunter’s Moon”, which was my first ever short story to be published.

Now, this might not seem like a big thing, but when you consider that I had to share the royalties with 16 other writers, I didn’t make much money from the sales of the book. And that got me to thinking about indie publishing my own work.

I’ve written two other short stories, and am working on at least one novel in the same setting, I’ve decided to turn them all into a series of prequels (short stories, preceding the novels).

Each of these stories will be released as part of the “Shadows Over Seattle: Prequels” series. Each story will follow one, or more, of the characters before their appearances in the novels.

So far my plans are to release two prequel stories that I consider more than ready for people to read. “Under a Hunter’s Moon” and “The Lupine’s Call” (which has been an exclusive story for my mailing list members until now). While these are going into e-book publication, I’ll re-work story number three, “Wolves in the Desert”, and write the first draft of “Of Wolves and Men” (which will be the first novel).

Once the first draft of the novel is complete, I’ll write the first drafts of the fourth and fifth (and maybe sixth) prequel stories. Then move on to editing “Of Wolves and Men” and readying it for print and e-book release. And then it’s editing and re-writes for my wife’s contribution to the series “A Rose By Any Other Name”, which will be the second novel in the series.

Release Schedule: (Subject to Change)

“Under A Hunter’s Moon: Shadows Over Seattle – Prequels #1” – E-Book release by June 26th 2016

“The Lupine’s Call: Shadows Over Seattle – Prequels #2” – E-Book release by June 26th 2016

“Wolves in the Desert: Shadows Over Seattle – Prequels #3” – E-Book release by September 2016

“Of Wolves and Men: Shadows Over Seattle – Book #1” – E-Book & Print release in time for Christmas 2016

Learn More About My Writing

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