Oooops! My Bad! (Some articles released early)

I Goofed… I freely admit it!

 photo Facepalmorangflipped.pngSome of you might have received notifications of new posts that went live earlier today.  And, now you find you can’t open them (unless you’re looking at the email copies of the posts).

Here’s Why:

I was going through my blog editorial calendar, and checking that I had all the posts correctly tagged, categorized, and scheduled, when the unthinkable happened.

Somehow I accidentally managed to hit “Publish” on a couple of pages, instead of “Schedule”.

To quote my wife…

“So… That happened”

I apologize for any confusion this may have caused, since those posts were not supposed to be available yet. For those of you who get your updates from me by email, please be aware that those posts that went live today might be subject to change.

To those of you, who’d requested those posts, apologies too. The posts have been pulled, and rescheduled for the date agreed.

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