Join The 2016 Brain To Books Cyber Convention

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The 2016 Brain To Books Cyber Convention

In 2015, Brain to Books launched the Author Cyber Convention in an attempt to bring readers to authors. What resulted was the largest online book expo between readers and indie-authors. With an attendance of almost 200 authors and readers, the convention was an instant hit that left many requests for a repeat. So began the annual Brain to Books Cyber Convention.

This is our second year, and we are projecting a group of 400 to 500. Bibliophiles of all ages and walks of life are invited. Authors from around the world have compiled their sources, skills, and imagination to build the world’s largest online expo for their readers.

When Is All This Happening?

8, 9, & 10 April 2016 hundreds of authors on Goodreads and Facebook will present book readings, interviews, and blog tours. Participate in discussions, enter giveaways, or meet the authors. Here you will find prizes, games, blog tours, excerpts, special features, and deleted scenes.

No plane tickets, no entry fees, no passes, no travel, or lodging expenses make this the most affordable and easiest Convention to attend anywhere! And it’s all online!

How Can You Get Involved?

  • Join the Thunderclap Campaign (spread word beyond your social media groups).
  • If you’re a reader, join the Fairgrounds group over on Goodreads.
  • If you’re a writer, join the Backstage group too.
  • Search for authors by genre with  the Fairgrounds Roadmap by (C.C. Rogers).
  • Checkout my booth for information about what I’ll be doing during the event.

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