I’m Joining The “Brain to Books Cyber Convention” – Come Join Us!


The 2016 Brain To Books Cyber Convention is coming: April 8th – April 10th 2016

Last year, I took part in the 2015 Author Cyber Convention. And preparations are underway for this year’s event.

The amazing Angela B. Chrysler has once again reached out to authors around the world, and is in the throes of arranging a huge collection of events. Many of last year’s authors will be participating, and there will be games, competitions, Q&As, interviews, giveaways, author takeover events, blog hops, and so much more.

When Angela talks about the event format, she describes it in terms of being an online Comi-Con for readers. Authors were online throughout the weekend, on Goodreads and Facebook, as well as running events on their own blogs and sites.

If you’re an author, you’re welcome to come join the fun, and meet the readers. The event is going to be very flexible in terms of format, and suggestions are welcome.

For the readers, this is the ideal opportunity to discover authors you might not see on the bookshelves, and even find your new favorite book, or series. From past experience of taking part in smaller-scale events, I’ve almost always walked away with a handful of new books, and started following some amazing authors.

What Is The 2016 Brain To Books Cyber Convention?

Last year the event was called the 2015 Author Cyber Convention, this year, it’s called the Brain to Books Cyber Convention. A lot of things from last year remain the same, but there are some changes.
I can’t explain things any better than Angela, so I’m going to quote her email introduction, and invitation:

First, what is the Brain to Books Cyber Convention? Last year, was the first annual Brain to Books Cyber Convention #B2BCYCON. 200+ Authors and readers came together for this three day event. Modeled after Comi-Con, the Brain to Books Cyber Convention is online, free, and connects readers to authors. Authors basically put on a fantastic show for the readers. And yes, we want readers there! This year marks our second annual Cyber Convention. It is held here on Goodreads. This we we have expanded it to Facebook.If you are a reader wanting to attend, join this group — https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/… —mark your calendar for 8, 9, & 10 April 2016 and relax.

If you are an author and want to be part of this, great! Go here — https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/… — Join the groups (There are 2 Goodreads Groups for participating authors to join), then read the posts. PM me if you want to skip all that and are wanting to know more.

I am currently reaching out to all my groups, raising the awareness to bring everyone interested in early this year to make preparations. Yes. Some of you will get this message many times (Once from each of my groups. For that I am sorry). Yes. The convention requires 4 months to prepare for. It’s a lot of people. This year, we are projecting to see 400 attend!

A few changes to note:

1 – There is no sign up this year. Just join the groups, read the threads, and ask questions if you need.

2 – We are on Facebook this year. Be sure to join that group as well. https://www.facebook.com/groups/95966…

3 – Thunderclaps are ready soon and will be posted as they come in. I am planning to do 3.

I’m A Reader, Where Can I Find Out More?

I’m A Writer, How Do I Get Involved?

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