Passion Planner – Is It The Answer For The Disorganized Procrastinator?

There’s a new player in the planning and organizational market – Passion Planner.
I’m one of those people that tries to get organized, and stay organized, and then completely fails. But then I’ve also tried a number of means to try getting that organization, and failed to find one that worked for me. Last year, I tried the Bullet Journal approach, and while it worked for a while, it didn’t actually help me plan too far ahead. It just gave me pages of lists that I ticked things off, often not too long after I’d written them down.
Since then I’ve tried to keep track of projects, but things have slipped through the cracks time and again. The only thing that seems to have kept me on track with a project is an impending deadline.

The History Of Passion Planner

I tell this story any better than Angelia Trinidad does on the Passion Planner “about us” page, so I won’t even try

But Angelia and Passion Planner have a lot in common with a number of big names out there…

  • Passion Planner started in a garage
  • The people running them are mold-breakers
  • A product came around at a time when people needed it

Take the time to read Angelia’s story, and the story of Passion Planner. If nothing else can inspire you to get organized and set your goals for the future, then this could well be the product for you, and you can easily pick the Passion Planner format that works best for you.

Passion Planner Formats

Passion Planner comes in a number of formats:

  • Downloadable – There are several PDF files available, which you can download and print for yourself. Though, the site does request that you spread the word of the product website before downloading.
  • Hard-copy Planners
    • 2016 Passion Planner
    • Limited Edition
    • Academic Planners

All the planners will walk you through brainstorming your goals for the year, define three year, yearly and three month goals. They will also help you set actions and timelines for each of those goals. Weekly layouts roll into monthly and annual overviews and monthly check-ins and reflections. You will find motivational quotes and challenges to help you advance through the year, and help you focus on your targets. The dual personal and work to-do lists keep your goals actions front and center, giving you the opportunity to cross your tasks off and bring a sense of achievement to your week.

The weekly layouts help you set daily and weekly focuses and let you establish the most important things to get done. Then each day is broken down into half-hour slots allowing you to schedule your day, as well as write in your deadlines.

So Is The Passion Planner Right For You?

I’ve asked myself that same question, and so far it’s been proving to be a pretty reliable tool. So far I’ve set a couple of goals, and broke them down into a set of actions. For one of those goals I’ve scheduled deadlines for each of those actions, and even managed to cross off a couple of them.

This planner will take a little while to adjust to, since it does so many things all at the same time. But I think this is definitely going to be worth the investment in both time and finances.

Passion Planner is right for you, if:

  • you’re in desperate need of focus
  • you have trouble setting goals
  • need help breaking goals down into actions
  • are looking for the occasional motivational assistance

But don’t take my word for it… Here’s what the Passion Planner Ambassadors have to say on the subject.

Check Out The Passion Planner Now!

Find out more about the Passion Planner, how it can help you, and read what others have to say about their experiences.



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