My Year In Books – According to Goodreads

I’m an avid reader, like a lot of writers. So here are some stats based on my reading habits according to my Goodreads profile. I know there are probably a handful of books missing from the list. I’ve got into the habit of recording all the digital books I read, because I always write a review as soon as I finish a book. But I haven’t got into the habit of recording every hard copy I read, YET!
So, onto the stats:


  • 31 Books
  • 9,020 Pages
  • Shortest Book: (15 Pages) “The Binding of the Wolf” by Lilo Abernathy
  • Longest Book: (742 Pages) “Salinor: The Beginnings” by Samuel Alexander


  • Book Length: 301 Pages
  • Rating: 4.23 out of 5 stars
  • Highest Rated: (5.0 Stars) “Broken” by Angela B. Chrysler

Books I Read in 2015

Goodreads Choice Awards 2015

Goodreads asked it’s members to vote for the top books of 2015.

3,007,748 votes were cast, and the results have been announced.

View the Goodreads Choice Awards of 2015


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