Moving Home May Be Causing You To Lose Out On Valuable Writing Time

Before Things Get Too Crazy…

Stick with me while I lay down some background material to my current dilemma… I’m moving home, right in the middle of National Novel Writers Month… AM I CRAZY?

Does You Apartment/Home Look Like This? – Mine Do… Both of Them

Image courtesy of :
Image courtesy of :

If so, it’s possible that you are either moving out of somewhere, or moving in. Right now, I’m moving from one very small single-room apartment, to a slightly larger one bedroom apartment.

Space is at a premium in both locations, to make matters more interesting, we’ve had to cut our monthly expenses considerably to make the move possible. Anyone who’s moved, EVER, will now what a chore it is to pack up everything you ever owned, haul it to a new location, and reverse the process. It gets even more interesting when you have to move the furniture too.

Believe me, packing to move is no picnic. But add in the challenges of Alaska in the early winter, and things take on a whole new dimension…

Here’s What The Weather Is Doing Near Me, Right Now…

Image courtesy of:
Image courtesy of:

This is what downtown Palmer (Alaska) looked like earlier this week. Now we have a lot more snow drifting through on the high winds that often sweep through the area, and it’s starting to pile up against buildings and sidewalks.

Thankfully, my wife has some great co-workers, who are teaming up with us on Sunday this week to help pack everything and get it moved.

So… Why do I still have a problem?

I’m a Writer, and It’s NaNoWriMo Time, and Holiday Season…

As those of you who’ve followed my blog for a while know, I try to do National Novel Writer’s Month every year. Those who’ve been paying attention during those months will remember that I’ve yet to actually complete a full novel, even though I’ve made my word counts for most of those months.

Now, NaNoWriMo challenges writers to start a novel, with the first 50,000 words. All those words are to be written between November 1st, and November 30th, making for a daily goal of 1,667 words.

This year, I’ve been carrying around my iPad so I can snatch a few minutes of writing at whatever opportunities present themselves (not so many as I would like). I’ve also been using my laptop to write from home (the current one, not the one I’m moving to) before and after work (depending on scheduling). Because I work retail, and it’s the start of the holiday season, my work hours are far from fixed.

Plus, I’m going to be losing Internet sometime Sunday, and I’ve been using Google Docs to write this year’s project. Hopefully it will be active at the new apartment the same day… HOPEFULLY!

So What’s the Solution?

So with all that craziness going on, how is a writer supposed to meet their completely arbitrary targets?

I put a lot of thought into this… Okay, about ten minutes… Alright, five… Um… What was I saying?

Oh right, solutions… I came up with the following possibilities

  1. Don’t move before or during NaNoWriMo – It cuts into your preparation, or writing time considerably
  2. Don’t aim to keep up with the writing while you move, and give up this year’s attempt as a casualty in the war of apartment moving
  3. Soldier on and try to meet the daily word count each day, but don’t consider the day a failure if you manage to pack and move a dozen boxes, but don’t hit your 1,667 words for the day
  4. Try to write extra every day, so that if you’re ahead, you can stay ahead just in case you have to move suddenly
  5. Move, then summon up your inner demons and write like a crazy person toward the end of the month, and aim to hit the 50,000 word goal

Honestly, right now, I’m not sure which of these options I’ll be going with. Although, I can write out option 1, since the new lease is already signed, and the deposit and rent have been paid.

So… I’ve laid out my options, what would you do in the same situation? Or better still, what would your character do you were writing about someone going through all this?

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