Post Halloween Round-up & NaNoWriMo

wolf-ID8070-3076x3840 (2)So this week, I’ve a few things I want to remind people of, bring to people’s attention, and make note of. Apologies if this seems like a longer read than usual.

All Hallows Reads

As regular followers will know, I recently took part in the All Hallows Reads event over on Facebook. This was an amazing weekend of books, chat, competitions, and fun for all involved.

The event was arranged by a small number of authors, including the amazing Lilo Abernathy (who I’ve featured in my “Book Spotlight” a couple of times now). Lilo has found ways to put together online events that makes it seem effortless to those of us jumping on board. She not only managed to herd over twenty authors into the same event, but kept everything organized during the build-up to the event, as well as helping establish guidelines for how each of us could run our particular segments of the event.

I was lucky enough to be able to attend two full days, as well as open the event on Halloween morning, and close it at the end of the weekend. From the evidence of my own inbox (thank you Facebook for notifying me of updates by email, when I’d already seen the live), with well over two thousand messages received and deleted, a huge amount of fun was had by everyone.

One lucky winner came out of the event with a digital copy of “Moon Shadows“, and I also managed to gain a few new followers to my mailing list. So for me the weekend was a huge success.

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Vampire Assassin’s League – Mega Set #1

I’ve also teamed up with the lovely Jackie Ivie, who is one of the local Alaskan authors I had the pleasure of meeting back in May. For those who’ve been following me for a while, we were two of the four panelists at Fireside Books when they held their Independent Bookstore day event.

I’ve been wanting to highlight Jackie’s books for a while, but she’s such a prolific writer that it was hard to pick just one. Also, since her stories appear in different combinations, (from single story, to three story sets, and two story collections set around a theme), it’s been hard to decide which one(s) to highlight.

However, Jackie has just put her Vampire Assassin’s League Mega Set #1 on sale for $0.99, for a limited time. And this was just the excuse I needed to help out a fellow Alaskan. Over the course of several emails, I had the pleasure of taking my experience from putting together the posters for All Hallows Reads and translating it into this poster for Jackie’s book spotlight appearance. I’m confident of my readers will enjoy Jackie’s writing style, because there is a good mixture of mythology, romance, and the supernatural.

Vampire Assassin League – Mega Set #1 : The Vows

Containing #1 through #10 of the Vampire Assassin League series
*** ONLY $0.99 on Amazon, for a limited time only ***
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NaNoWriMo 2015

November is National Novel Writers Month, where writers across the globe take on the monumental task of trying to write fifty thousand words over the course of one month.

This year I’ve done something very different to my previous attempts. Despite having completed the goal on four out of five attempts, I’ve never gone into the event with a plan before. I’ve written my 1,666 words per day with only the barest idea of where the plot was supposed to go, and very few ideas of what events had to happen when. So… This year it was time to put together an outline, and I have to say it’s enabled me to work with confidence that I know where each scene has to start, and where it has to end. Sure I’ve moved a couple of things around as I write, but that’s only to be expected if things seem to flow better that way.

So… with that in mind, I’m taking the rest of November off my mid-week blog spots, and concentrating my time on getting my word counts for each day.

Moving Home @ Short Notice

And as a final note. I’m in the process of trying to find a new house/apartment for myself and my wife, after almost ten years in my current apartment. My landlords have recently started to do long overdue renovations to the property that houses the apartments, and wants to start on the apartments themselves next. This means that I will be moving sometime between now and the end of January. Right now, we’re still looking for a place to move into within our price range, and the Alaskan winter is just kicking in. There may be some delays in posts while I move, and  get my internet hooked up.


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