Book Spotlight – “The Queen’s Viper” by Lesley Donaldson (Part of the All Hallows Reads Halloween Book Event)

Lesley Donaldson - All Hallows Reads - The Queen's Viper


Viper escapes 400 years of imprisonment with eyes full of revenge set upon Queen Elizabeth II. The immortal seelie wicht fights for survival against humans and one of her own kind in this grimdark urban fantasy of re-imagined Celtic mythology set in Elizabethan and modern London.

Lesley Donaldson presents an urban fantasy like no other. Her first book in The V’Braed series is The Tudors meets Maleficent, with a twist.

From the Author

Between 12 hour nursing shifts and 24 hour parenting shifts, I redefined myself as an authorpreneur with my first book, Growing A Rainbow: The Premature Journey of a Two Pound Hero. I’m a mother of a super-preemie with special needs, an often companionable wife, Canadian registered nurse, traveler and hobby medievalist. A real woman who drives stick, my debut urban fantasy, The Queen’s Viper, releases in October 2015. Set in Elizabethan and modern London, this a new take on UK folklore is gritty, with an anti-hero who laughs at glittery wings.


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Lesley Donaldson’s Home Page

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