Newsletter : September 2015

Newsletter : September 2015

Upcoming Events

A Year In Publishing

It is almost a year since my first short story “Under a Hunter’s Moon” went into print, and it’s been a very exciting year. “Moon Shadows” hit the shelves in October 2015, and was a huge success at the book signing event I held at my local independent bookstore. In fact, it was such a huge success that we sold out the entire stock of the books that were ordered.

At the same time that “Moon Shadows” was hitting bookshelves, and online retailers, “Spooky Halloween Drabbles 2015” was hitting the Kindle market, with my ultra-short story “Shifting Dreams”.

In May 2015 “Across the Karman Line” came out, featuring my first science fiction short story “Evaline Transcendent”. Before this book even hit the shelves, my local bookstore asked me to participate in an “Independent Bookstores” event. I sat on a panel of fellow Alaskan writers, and answered questions about relationships, and what makes our characters tick. I made some great connections with both potential readers, and my fellow writers.

In Summary

So: What’s Next?

I have a number of projects in the works, including the much dreamed of first novel. I’m currently in the process of outlining the plot, and tweaking my characters to make everything work. For those who have read my existing works, this novel will see the return of Richard Parsons, star of “Under a Hunter’s Moon” and “The Lupine’s Call”.Here is the premise of the novel, as it stands:

Blackmailed into consulting for the Seattle Police Department’s Supernatural Taskforce, Richard Parsons enters a race against time when a mysterious killer starts tearing apart his fellow lupines (werewolves).
“Locked room mysteries were not part of the deal”.

“If you can dream it, you can do it”
– Walt Disney

But not without help! So a few thank you’s are in order:

  • Sandi Bateson, for all your love, support, and patience as I approached submission deadlines and for bringing your music and writing into my life.
  • The staff at Laurel Highlands Publishing, for picking up two of my stories in the last year, and for all the hard work and dedication that goes into helping me make those the best stories I could.
  • The amazing staff at Fireside Books, who have supported me throughout the release of two books, hosted my book signing sessions, and invited me to participate in their events to raise awareness of local authors..
  • All my co-workers, friends, family, and online colleagues who have made this such a wonderful year, especially all those wonderful people on GoodReads. A more amazing team of supporters, promoters, and interviewers I can’t imagine. I wish I could thank you all personally.

Timothy Bateson, Author


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