Midweek Mumbles #8 – Silence is Golden (Unless You’re a Writer)

There are any number of reasons why a writer stops producing any new work. For me, it’s been a lack of time, energy, and inspiration. I’ve been trying to get to grips with the process of outlining my novel, and I keep finding that I am either missing several key points. For whatever reason I can’t make things happen in an order that both makes sense, and keeps raising the level of attention in the story.

I know that I want to have several attacks against the main character, and that in theory, those attacks are supposed to be of increasing difficulty to overcome. I also know that each of the attacks is supposed to reveal something about the antagonists, as well as give the protagonist the potential to learn something new about themselves, or to grow in some way.

Since I am working in an urban fantasy setting, this should be reasonably easy… Just make each enemy tougher than the last, give them different means to attack, and make each one a larger threat to the protagonist. Bring in some friends, some new tricks, and let the good guys find ways to defeat the threats, even if only marginally, and there you have the means to increase tension, and keep a readers interest.

And therein lies the problem… The threats that I have available, and make sense in the context of the story, can’t be used in order of increasing threat level. For the main character to bring together the team that will eventually help him resolve the main plot, the threats have to be both mundane and supernatural in nature. This gives me a lot of options to work with, but it also means that I am having trouble making some of those encounters actual threats to the main character. And if they’re not a threat, I’m not sure I can justify keeping them, even if they make contextual sense.

So… It’s back to the drawing board for the moment… I’ll be taking some time out to make up a few more of my ‘Someone Else’s Words‘ entries, and working on my entry for the Inkitt.com Hither & Thither contest.


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