Photos – “Across the Kármán Line” Book signing

My second book signing event is now under my belt, and I have to say that it was a lot of fun. Things were pretty quiet, because the weather here in Alaska was exceptional, but several people did buy copies of “Across the Kármán Line”, and fun was had by all. There were a lot of interesting conversations ranging from “I didn’t know you were a writer” to discussions about story ideas from other locals who want to break into writing.

DSCF0458This is how the table looked after I had everything setup. You can probably see the glare on the iPad screen, showing just how great the weather was outside. You’ll notice that fireplace in the background that lends the store a homey feel, as well as it’s name… Fireside Books. Also note, that the store had ordered copies of both  “Across the Kármán Line” and “Moon Shadows” for the event (and that wasn’t all the books that were available, either).

11206042_862590550491635_4637926541587864244_nAnd here is a picture taken by David Cheezem, of Fireside Books, just as we kicked off the event. You’ll notice that the iPad has a presentation running on it, which I threw together in KeyNote last night, showing off my list of works, and providing some information about where people can find me online.

I’ll touch on just how I put that presentation together at some point in the near future, because I think KeyNote has a lot of very useful features for authors who want a little multimedia in their toolkit. It’s sufficient to know that each of the slides either had information about one of my stories, or information about me, and where people can contact me online. Seven slides, and as many transitions, all assembled and running in roughly two hours of playing with the KeyNote app. And better still, I was able to do all this without having ever used KeyNote prior to last night. What other tools would you like to see in an author’s toolkit? Drop me a line with ideas, and maybe I’ll find ways to put them to use in my next book event.


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