Arriving in my Mailbox – Across the Kármán Line

IMG_0069And here is it… My author copy of “Across the Kármán Line” has arrived. Weighing in at 150+ pages of science fiction from five authors, edited by Veronica Moore, and published by Laurel Highlands Publishing.

* “Astrotrash” by Fred Adams, Jr

* “The Demon on the Mountain” by Larry Ivkovich

* “Evaline Transcendent” by Timothy Bateson

* “Roam” by Joseph Castellano

* “Sector Three-Three” by IE Castellano

In space, fate rests in the hands who created the craft. Wits and creative risk separate life from death while navigating the three-dimensional sea or marooned on an alien planet. The trust between captain and crew unifies a mission. And sometimes, the final take-off is the hardest.”

I’m very excited to start reading this book, to see what the other authors did with the criteria for the story selections.

“The bulk of all stories must take place somewhere other than planet Earth. Settings may include in space, on another planet, moon, etc. Earth may be referenced, but the majority of the story must be set elsewhere. Please, no alternate Earths or fantasy realms/secondary worlds.”

How to get your own copy:

The ebook version is avaiable for order through:

The print copy can be ordered through your local bookstores (ISBN #9781941087206), or through Amazon

I’ll be at Fireside Books on 30th May 2015 to sign copies of “Across the Karman Line”.



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