Across the Kármán Line – Released Today!

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You Probably Already Saw This Advertised Previously

But today is the release date for “Across the Kármán Line”, and I couldn’t be happier to be part of this collection. There are five amazing stories included within the pages of this book.

To quote the book blurb:

In space, fate rests in the hands who created the craft. Wits and creative risk separate life from death while navigating the three-dimensional sea or marooned on an alien planet. The trust between captain and crew unifies a mission. And sometimes, the final take-off is the hardest.

A Little Disappointed in Amazon Though

Amazon have had the information for the release of the book since May 8th. Since then their page has contained a message advising that pricing information for the book is not available. Today is the release date, and that message is still showing on Amazon, yet all the other online vendors have the information correct.

Thankfully, I have a wonderful team over at Laurel Highlands Publishing who are working to get the matter resolved as soon as possible. They have been working on this since 4 am EST, and continue to work toward a solution. In the mean time, they have made the MOBI version of the book available on Smashwords.

Buy Now:

Or Wait For My Book Signing Event:

Fireside Books, in Palmer (Alaska), is also hosting my “Across the Karman Line” book signing event on May 30th 2015. Come join us from 11:30am-1:30pm.


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