Independent Bookstore Day 2015 – Author Spotlight

Fireside Books is hosting several authors on May 2nd! Come join us

“One of a full day’s worth of activities to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day! Your favorite fiction writer understands what can go right in a relationship — and what can go horribly wrong! Meet Deb Vanasse, Kris Farmen, Jackie Ivie, and Timothy Bateson for this fun panel! Part of our Independent Bookstore Day activities.”

– source Fireside Books

Between 1pm and 2pm on May 2nd, I’ll be joining Deb Vanasse, Kris Farmen and Jackie Ivie for an exciting author panel. So today,  thought I’d let people know a little more about my fellow panelists. The text and images are courtesy of the authors.

Meet Deb Vanasse

The Short Version:

At age twenty-one, Deb Vanasse was dropped by a bush pilot on a gravel runway in middle of the Alaska wilderness. No roads, no houses, no cars, no people—only a winding brown slough and tundra spread flat as prairie. She had come not for adventure but to live, an isolating but evocative experience that inspires much of her work. Between her mountain home and a glacier-based cabin, she continues to enjoy Alaska’s wild places. The author of more than a dozen books for readers of all ages, Deb earned a Master of Arts in Humanities from California State University at Dominguez Hills and is an alumnus of the Squaw Valley Writers Workshops. She is also co-founder of the 49 Alaska Writing Center.

The Slightly Longer Version:

Author of more than a dozen books, Deb Vanasse has been fortunate to enjoy a huge variety of experiences in the company of some amazing people. Her childhood was far from ordinary, as her family lived on the grounds of the state mental institution where her dad worked. The staff consisted mostly of foreign doctors, so she grew up with children from around the world, always in the shadow of the sprawling hospital and patients who walked the grounds, each more or less in his own little world. Deb lived in her own little world much of the time too. Her favorite hangout was a shed attached to her family’s barracks-style cement block house, where she’d spend hours reading and imagining story worlds.

College in Northern Minnesota introduced her to the wilderness and the cold, so it seemed natural to head to Alaska for her first teaching job. After teaching in three Yup’ik Eskimo villages, she moved to Fairbanks, where she taught first at the university and then at North Pole High School.

After all these, Deb’s still in love with Alaska, though she makes regular trips to San Diego and Portland (Oregon) to visit her children and their families. Writing is now her fulltime occupation, though she also teaches creative writing at the 49 Alaska Writing Center, which she co-founded in 2010. After re-releasing a backlist title (Out of the Wilderness) in 2013, she started the independent authors cooperative Running Fox Books. Her fourteenth book, Cold Spell, came out in 2014, to glowing reviews from Publishers Weekly, Booklist, and Foreword Reviews. She lives on Hiland Mountain outside of Anchorage with a husband who spoils her and a dog who supplies the pen name she uses for less literary endeavors, B.B. Mackenzie.

Visit Deb Vannase’s website

Visit Deb Vannase’s Goodreads page

Meet Jackie Ivie

Jackie Ivie was born and raised in a suburb outside Utah’s capital, beautiful Salt Lake City. The second in a family of four daughters and one son, Jackie was constantly amusing her siblings with her invented games, escapades, and stories. And she was always reading. She would even walk the family dog, with one hand holding the leash, while the other held the ever-present book. No subject went unread, but once she discovered Historical Romances, there was no doubting her favorite genre.

Jackie has always been the busy type, rarely sitting still without being occupied in at least one activity, and usually more. When she was younger, it was nothing to find her watching television, while doing her homework, listening to music, crocheting like a madwoman, and reading, all at the same time.

After graduating, Jackie gained secure employment with a large service company and relocated with her growing family to the neighboring, sparsely-populated state of Wyoming. She then spent several years enjoying the wildlife, scenery, and open space that Wyoming is known for.  In addition to writing, Jackie is an accomplished artist in several mediums, preferring mixed media. She has several pictures in print and has exhibited in art showings throughout the West. There was never anything she loved doing more than reading, however, and once she discovered the thrill involved with putting her own words and fantasies on paper there was no stopping her.

In 2001, Jackie and her family took a huge step and moved to the largest state of the nation; Alaska. Although it was her job that brought her here, Jackie has grown to love this land of amazing contrasts, breathtaking vistas, and the ever-present resident, the Alaskan moose. There’s nothing else like it, and the very long days of summer lend themselves to hours and hours of energizing tasks, while the long winter nights are just right for her real love…writing.

Jackie has now written thirteen novels and is continually starting more. The thrill of writing has now been enhanced by seeing her actual story in print. Lady of the Knight is her first published work. It will be followed by Tender is the Knightscheduled for release this summer.

Visit Jackie Ivie’s website

Visit Jackie Ivie’s Goodreads page

Meet Kris Farmen

Kris Farmen author photoKris Farmen is a writer, historian, and award-winning freelance journalist whose books include Weathered Edge, Turn Again, and The Devil’s Share.  He is a regular contributor to The Anchorage PRESS, and his work has also appeared in Alaska magazine, Mushing magazine,  Russian Life, and The Alaska Dispatch News, among others .  He divides his time between Homer, Fairbanks, and Anchorage.

Visit Kris Farmen’s website

Visit Kris Farmen’s Goodreads page


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