An Exciting Time Ahead

The End Of An Epic Weekend

Midnight saw the official end of the 2105 Author Cyber Convention over on Goodreads, where I hosted one of the many Fairground booths. While I didn’t get any entries to the competition I was running, I did find a lot of extra traffic through my blog and website. I’d like to think some of that traffic was returned back to my guest posters for the weekend, who were kind enough to provide details for the first of my Book Spotlight events. I know at least one of the authors saw an uptick in her sales over the weekend, and I’m really happy to think I might have contributed in some small way.

While I personally didn’t check my sales figures, I did meet a lot of really great writers and readers over the course of the 72 hour event. Some of those folks I’ve arranged to work with on future publicity events, others I’ve chosen to follow, and some have even followed me. So even if I didn’t sell a single book, I’m calling the weekend a success from a networking point of view.

Coming Up For April

  • I’ll be returning to my regularly scheduled “Midweek Mumbles” and “Someone Else’s Words” slots, until the end of the month.
  • Hopefully before the end of the month I’ll be announcing the final cover for “Across the Kármán Line”.
  • I’ll also be updating my website to ensure everything is as up to date as possible.
  • I’ve also submitted “First Days” to‘s “Echo of Another World” competition.
  • Read “First Days” here, and like it to vote for it. Voting ends 5th May.

Going Foward into May

The month of May is a busy time for many, and no more so than it will be for me. I will be participating in a number of events revolving around my writing, and the release of “Across the Kármán Line”, coming mid-month.

2nd of May  is Independent Bookstore Day, and I have a couple of things planned in conjunction with my local bookstore, Fireside Books.

  • Firstly, I’ll be at Fireside Books from 1pm to 2pm, as part of a panel of local authors, answering questions about relationships. I’m honored to have been asked to become part of this event, and am looking forward to meeting potential readers and other local writers.
  • Secondly, I’ll be hosting a guest blog from Fireside’s own Katie Renn, about the importance of independent bookstores to readers, and their communities.

Around the middle of May (date to be confirmed), Laurel Highlands Publishing will be releasing “Across the Kármán Line”, containing my first sci-fi short story into print, “Evaline Transcendent“.

Then on 30th of May, I’ll be at Fireside Books from 11:30am to 1:30pm signing copies of “Across the Kármán Line”. I’m also hoping to have some copies of “Moon Shadows” on hand for the event.


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